A Single Parent Romance — Both Relatable and Gritty!
Juniper Hill Book Cover Juniper Hill
The Edens
Devney Perry
Contemporary Romance
Devney Perry LLC
January 11, 2022
ebook, paperback

From USA Today bestselling author Devney Perry comes a small town, neighbors to lovers romance.

Memphis Ward arrives in Quincy, Montana, on the fifth worst day of her life. She needs a shower. She needs a snack. She needs some sanity. Because moving across the country with her newborn baby is by far the craziest thing she’s ever done.

But maybe it takes a little crazy to build a good life. If putting the past behind her requires a thousand miles and a new town, she’ll do it if it means a better future for her son. Even if it requires setting aside the glamour of her former life. Even if it requires working as a housekeeper at The Eloise Inn and living in an apartment above a garage.

It’s there, on the fifth worst day of her life, that she meets the handsomest man she’s ever laid eyes on. Knox Eden is a beautiful, sinful dream, a chef and her temporary landlord. With his sharp, stubbled jaw and tattooed arms, he’s raw and rugged and everything she’s never had—and never will. Because after the first worst day of her life, Memphis learned a good life requires giving up on her dreams too. And a man like Knox Eden will only ever be a dream.

“In that mess, there was passion. In that passion, we were perfect.”

Juniper Hill by Devney Perry is a single parent romance, set in the small town of Quincy and is the newest standalone in The Edens series. One part contemporary romance, one part mystery/suspense and told with Devney Perry’s unique and addictive storytelling—Juniper Hill had me binge-reading by the time I hit 70%.

Memphis isn’t on the run persay, but she’s definitely hoping that by keeping her head down and focusing on her newborn son, Drake, will minimize any interest in her. Knox Eden begrudgingly allowed his sister to rent out his garage loft. He knows his annoyance with a colicky infant should outweigh his attraction, but his past makes him push past any ill will. I love that Knox is both surly and standoffish with Memphis, but it’s Drake that breaks through his icy exterior.

“‘You’re not alone. Not anymore.’ I opened my mouth but no words came out. He was hugging me again, holding me so tight with those invisible arms that I couldn’t speak.”

Devney Perry can write some seriously relatable characters, and Memphis is no different. With each new chapter, and each new interaction, Memphis becomes a mother, a friend, a daughter, and most importantly a woman who you would want to sit down and commiserate with. Knox is your typical gruff hero—the hot tattooed man with a troubled past. Part of my favorite aspect of Devney Perry men are the fact that when they decide to go for their ladies, they go all in and that decision is near instantaneous. Knox Eden is no different, and I like that he’s a bit of a marshmallow for Memphis.

The plot twist had some breadcrumbs to the lead up, but when I tell you that I couldn’t have imagined where exactly Devney Perry took it—I am absolutely not lying. It blew my mind in the best way, and I may have even uttered “whoa” out loud. I hope there’s more of this twist in the upcoming Eden series, because it was unexpected but awesome to have such a gritty twist.

“The Edens  had more than blue eyes and chocolate hair in common. They all knew how to give a hug that made me want to cry.”

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m a super fan of Devney Perry. Juniper Hill features a couple tropes that aren’t necessarily my favorites, but I put my trust in Devney and you should too. I’m never disappointed. With the direction that The Edens series is taking, I cannot wait to see what the other siblings have in store for us all! Juniper Hill releases tomorrow January 11th! Congrats on a fabulous new release, Devney!