Call of Danger (Undercover Magic Book 5) by Meg Anne
Call of Danger Book Cover Call of Danger
Undercover Magic
Meg Anne
New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Words that Sparkle
September 20,2021
Kindle, Paperback, Audiobook

Nord and Lina have walked through seemingly insurmountable trials to be together. With a love that couldn’t be stopped, not even by death, they’ve come out the other side stronger than before. But their fight isn’t over, not by a long shot. One final enemy remains, and this time, victory has never been less certain.

Ending this war will take more than they’re willing to give. But there’s no turning back now. Lines have been drawn, shots fired, with devastating consequences. All they can do is fight like forever is on the line, because it is.

“Because nothing in his wildest imaginings could have prepared him for the reality of her. And the beauty of it, the sheer wonder, made his heart stutter in his chest as if learning how to beat for the very first time.” – Nord

Call of Danger, the fifth book in Meg Anne’s Undercover Magic series, is an exciting and completely satisfying end to Lina and Nord’s story. From the moment I met them at the Monster Ball, theirs has been a relationship that has captivated me page after page and book after book. Their connection and attraction permeates each scene as the love and devotion they develop for each other carries them through trial after trail. While this is definitely a steamy romance it is has a fascinating storyline that keeps you hooked late into the night with magic, Berserkers, Vikings, Guardians, and Fae.

The Undercover Magic series is an action packed, epic fantasy that builds from the very beginning at the Monster Ball with a complex mystery and constant battle against a powerful and evil enemy set destroying Lina and everyone she loves. This constant conflict could get overwhelming, but all this action is well-balanced with light-hearted and snarky banter between Lina, Nord, Nord’s partner and best friend Finley, and Lina’s best friend, Quinn. This foursome provides a highly entertaining dynamic with the various interactions amongst themselves. In my mind, its these friendships and romantically charged relationships that truly make the Undercover Magic series great. But, that doesn’t mean the ending in this culminating conflict won’t also blow you away. Meg goes all out in Call of Danger as the final battle thrashes your emotions. Luckily, Meg doesn’t leave you to nurse your battered heart, but restores your hope with a very tempting lead in to book 6, Bound by Danger, scheduled to release March of 2022.