• Finding Home: A Christmas Novella by Kristie Leigh
Finding Home: A Christmas Novella Book Cover Finding Home: A Christmas Novella
Kristie Leigh
New Adult, Holiday Romance
Independently Published
December 16, 2020
Kindle, Paperback

I’d lived in New York my whole life. It was all I had ever known. But the moment the sun hit my face and my feet touched the sand everything changed. Less than twenty four hours into my Christmas vacation on Malgaho Island and it was ruined by the so-called love of my life. With no way home and no choice but to take a stranger up on his offer, I am left having to make the best of a bad situation. At first I wanted nothing more than to leave but I ended up finding home.

Perfect Holiday Novella…

Kristie Leigh has gifted readers with the perfect holiday romance novella just in time for Christmas.  Set in the balmy paradise of Malgaho Island, Finding Home is a picturesque literary escape from the dreary bustle of life in a short enough format that it can be read in a day.  It is also a heart-warming reminder that the best Christmas gifts sometimes come in the most unexpected manner.

Charlotte is a bartender in West Plains, NY living with her wealthy, workaholic and often condescending boyfriend. For as long as Charlotte could remember she has been drawn to the ocean and tropical islands.  When she comes across an advertisement for an exotic boutique inn on Malgaho Island she saves for three years to take her dream vacation, only to have her boyfriend ruin it within the first 24 hrs they are there.  What could have been a total disaster turns in to a life-changing event when the hotel manager, Ward, offers to let her stay in his guest room and show her the island as a way to make things right.  In the process, Charlotte’s dream vacation becomes more than she could ever hope for.

A rookie author, first publishing in 2019, Kristie is already a pro at writing characters and romance that make you feel good and brings a smile to your face.  Charlotte is fun, humble, and willing to take risks to experience the life she wants.  The romance between Charlotte and Ward, while expected in a holiday romance novella, develops in a totally unexpected way, making this so much more than a cheesy “Halmarkesque”  love story.  The plot is also an affirmation that love can make our life fuller and richer; their time together helps Charlotte and Ward realize that they have been settling in life and love and that they deserve so much more.  This knowledge gives them the courage to follow their dreams.  Finding Home is a totally feel good book you won’t want to miss.