• Dear Future Husband (The Matchmaker Series) by Angel Devlin
Dear Future Husband Book Cover Dear Future Husband
The Matchmaker Series
Angel Devlin
New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Independently published
February 2, 2019
Paperback, Kindle

Ella Cassidy is looking for love, so when she hears about Grace Graham’s dating service ‘What the Heart Wants’ where you handwrite love letters to your potential suitor, she’s eager to start. She’s so in, she starts her letter ‘Dear Future Husband’. But there’s an error that leads to Ella getting letters from TWO potential suitors. One’s letters are the romance she’s dreamed of, the other’s letters are, well, just so darn… DIRTY. Ella’s roommate, Finn, tells her she’s bound to end up on a date with a 6-stone, pasty-faced, serial killer. But are Finn’s concerns just for Ella’s safety, and are the suitors who she thinks…

You’ve Got Mail… 

This year’s PennedCon in St. Louis was a honey pot for the QueenBee and I.  It’s been a blast meeting these creative people and reviewing works of authors we haven’t included before on TheLitbuzz.  Angel Devlin, aka Andie M. Long, was a super fun author to chat with and we were able to get two different styles from her to review.  Andie writes paranormal romance and Angel writes more steamy contemporary romance.  Regardless of the style, both “authors” are lightly fanciful and wonderfully entertaining.

This reference is really going to date me, but I couldn’t help thinking of the movie You got Mail when I started reading Dear Future Husband.  Dressmaker Ella Cassidy is more the reserved and nostalgic type and finds it hard to find Mr. Right in today’s social media dominant world.  Her roommate Finn Edwards, however, does not have those same struggles, which Cassidy totally gets because she secretly agrees that he is a hottie. When she come across a dating site that uses the old-fashioned method of letter writing to connect people she is instantly intrigued.  Surprisingly, she matches with not one but two men and must anonymously exchange three sets of letters before deciding if either are worth a face to face meeting.  After the first letters arrive she realizes she is going to be choosing between two almost polar opposites.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dear Future Husband.  Angel’s writing is engaging and Ella, Finn, and her co-owner Jodi are great characters with fun dynamics.  While the premise of the story is not new, Angel personalizes it with enough nuanced details and twists that it still keeps you anticipating how the story will play out.  As an added bonus, it is currently available on