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Aequus Book Cover Aequus
Royal Protector Academy
Randi Cooley Wilson
Urban Fantasy
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
March 30, 2017
Kindle E-book

Serenity is being with the one you love.
Despair is being kept apart.
After the rain comes the war.

What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours? For Serena St. Michael and Tristan Gallagher, this is reality. Tristan has accepted his impending nuptials. He’s returned to his realm and his betrothed. Their unification will create peace. Serena is still struggling with her protector’s choice. With a firm resolve, she will forsake her own future in order to save him. Their love will trigger an ancient war. Can Serena and Tristan rewrite their destinies? Or will the Vergina Sun prophecy be fulfilled, and the lovers fall to fate? Welcome back to the Royal Protector Academy.

Aequus is the second novel in the Royal Protector Academy series. This dangerously exciting and darkly romantic tale will take your breath away. It can be read as a stand-alone trilogy, or after the bestselling Revelation series. Intended for mature readers 18+ due to language, mild violence, and sexual situations.

free copy“Aequus Means Equal…Equally Hot and Equally Suspenseful”

To say that I was excited to read Aequus prior to its publication is an understatement! I have been eagerly awaiting the second installment in the Royal Protector Academy series since the day I finish Vernal (book 1)…which was late on the night that it was released. If you have previously read the Revelation series, then you already know how richly detailed the world of the royal protectors is: how breathtakingly hot the romances are, how heart stopping the action is…and how terrible the cliffhangers can be. And Randi Cooley Wilson delivers more of the same rich detail, heat, action, and suspense in Aequus…fans will definitely not be disappointed!

Image result for romantic separation gifAequus picks up not long after the end of Vernal, with Serena still grappling with Tristan’s decision to follow through with his royal commitments, including marriage to a woman he doesn’t love. Serena has suffered since he left, emotionally and physically, because oddly the rain has not fallen since he left, and as an elemental gargoyle she needs the rain to maintain her balance. Her grief and sense of loss is almost palpable, seeming to jump off the page and into a reader’s own heart. All I have to say, is thank goodness for the comic relief that is Zander, as he carries the story along until the electrifying reunion of Serena and Tristan…and again, all I can say, is that this will not disappoint you! In addition to the usual carnal connection, their love story Related imagematures in this book, as they start to view each other as equal partners, worthy of any and all sacrifices, including hereditary duty. For me, the only let down in this book, was the lack of a cameo appearance from Asher…but I have a feeling that will change in the next book!

The story flies along, with never dull moment, full of surprising twists and turns and a stomach dropping ending…so stomach dropping that despite the fact that I had devoured the book in one sitting after work, I still stayed up for awhile, ruminating and wishing that I didn’t have to wait for the final book in the series. If I could give a rating over five stars, this book would earn it for sure: everyone reading this review needs to order Aequus today!

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