Final Draft by Kristie Leigh
Final Draft Book Cover Final Draft
Kristie Leigh
Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Adult
Independently Published
September 9,02021
Kindle, Hardcover, Paperback

To the public, I was known as Camden Freeman, the bad boy of the race world. The one who had it all, including women.

As a driver, I never liked to take things slow, and Lindsay was no exception.

I’d agreed to one night as a favor. But from the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I had to have her, but it wasn’t until the final draft that I knew it was forever.

I was used to getting everything I wanted, but Lindsay was going to make me earn it every step of the way

Kristie Leigh will have your heart racing with her latest contemporary romance, Final Draft. Camden doesn’t do relationships and it’s not for a lack of women. Being a highly successful race car driver, who also happens to be smokin’ hot, Camden has women lining up to be with him for his money and fame. Rarely seen in public with the same woman twice, this reputation as a Player is the only reason Lindsay gives in to her best friend’s pressure and agrees to be escorted by Cam to a formal charity event. Lindsay absolutely does not want a relationship, a brutal betrayal has left her jaded towards ever finding love, which is ironic considering she is an Indy romance author. An author, that is, with a terrible case of writer’s block. However, something clicks when Cam and Lindsay meet and all their hard and fast rules go out the window when sparks start flying.

Final Draft is a super entertaining and satisfying read on so many levels. Cam and Lindsay are genuinely enjoyable characters with great chemistry, light-hearted banter, poignant interactions…

his breath was at my ear. “I don’t fake shit for anyone. I thought we’d already cleared this up earlier, but let me make things very transparent so there’s absolutely zero misunderstanding. What you see is what you get. I may not be what you’ve expected, and honestly, I have been different tonight, but nothing about tonight has been an act. Nothing.” He paused for a moment. “I don’t play games, Lindsay. It’s not by style. You need to get out of your head and just let shit happen when it does.”

Kristie skillfully reveals their backstories as the story unfolds and their relationship takes off in a very unexpected way. I really like the fact that Cam is just as much a main character as Lindsay and their occupations play heavily into the plot and help define them. The book that Lindsay is writing, and experiencing writer’s block on when she meets Cam, finally takes life has her relationship with Cam develops. I would have loved to see that thread more predominate the latter part of the book, but it still was an interesting aspect to the plot. The story is and is not what you expect. It has a happily ever after that leaves you feeling happy and content when you are done however, you definitely don’t get there in ways that you expect.

Kristie is becoming one of my favorite contemporary romance writers. Just like a soak in the tub after an especially hectic and stressful week, her stories leave you with a tangible happy and content feeling. It’s evident she has a natural ability to write characters and plots in a way that produces stories you can loose yourself in. Stories that have a consistently unique flavor to them that I find interesting and refreshing, and Final Draft is no different.