Calling All Historical Romance Lovers! A New Must-Read!
A Reckless Match Book Cover A Reckless Match
Ruthless Rivals (Book 1)
Kate Bateman
Regency Romance
St. Martin's Paperbacks
September 28, 2021
ebook, mass market paperback

"Kate Bateman's writing sparkles." - USA Today bestselling author Laura Lee Guhrke

Meet the Davies and Montgomery families - two households locked in an ancient feud, destined to be on opposing sides forever. Until now...


Madeline Montgomery grew up despising––and secretly loving––the roguish Gryffud “Gryff” Davies. Their families have been bitter rivals for hundreds of years, but even if her feelings once crossed the line between love and hate, she’s certain Gryff never felt the same. Now, she’s too busy saving her family from ruin to think about Gryff and the other “devilish” Davies siblings. Since he’s off being scandalous in London, it’s not like she’ll ever see him again...


As the new Earl of Powys, Gryff Davies planned on spending his post-war life enjoying the pleasures of London. But when an illegal duel forces him to retreat to his family’s Welsh castle, he realizes the only exciting thing in the dull countryside will be seeing the fiery Maddie Montgomery. Thoughts of his nemesis sustained Gryff throughout the war; but the girl he loved to tease has grown into a gorgeous, headstrong woman – who loathes him just as much as she ever did. Will secret tunnels, dangerous smugglers, and meddling from their feuding families be enough to make Maddie and Gryff realize that their animosity is really attraction...and maybe even love?

A Reckless Match is the first in a new regency romance series by Kate Bateman about two feuding families, and reunited childhood enemies whose hatred turns to love.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Nobody goes to war over a pig.”

A Reckless Match by Kate Bateman had me in stitches and swooning from one page to the next. Maddie Montgomery and Gryff Davies aren’t just neighbors in a tiff. They are foresworn enemies in a long line of enemies. A Reckless Match is definitely not as tragic as Romeo and Juliet, but slightly less lethal than the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. This feud is what draws the line in the sand between the two of them…and for Maddie and Gryff the line between love and hate is paper thin and made up of the borderlands between their two estates.

“Without love, without complete trust in the other person’s integrity, marriage would be a disaster.”

There is so much more to the plot than just Maddie and Gryff coming to grips with their simmering adoration of each other which is poorly disguised by hilarious quips and even funnier insults. The Montgomerys are on the verge of ruin, and it’s up to Maddie to make a fortuitous marriage in order to save her family from her father’s poor investments. Gryff Davies is back from war on the continent after the death of his father and must step in as the newly minted Earl of Powys. He discovers that the more time he spends with Maddie, the more he realizes that he either loves her brand of insanity, or perhaps he’s also as mad as she is, or it’s both those things and he’s totally besotted.

“If there was one thing being struck by lightning had taught her, it was so seize the moment, to live while she still had a chance.” 

This is one of my favorite types of romances, and I love the way Kate Bateman has woven mystery and marauders within Maddie and Gryff’s romance. There’s also plenty of hints as to which couples might be lucky enough to get their own books—none of which detracted from the main storyline. A Reckless Match is full of fun and has a perfectly balanced plot. If you can’t tell, I loved this book. It’s got all the elements for a perfect weekend read: enemies to lovers, a forbidden romance, and unrequited childhood love! I absolutely cannot wait to read more within this series. Kate Bateman has found herself one devoted reader for all future releases!

Bee on the lookout for A Reckless Match to release on September 28th! Historical Romance lovers should not snooze on this new release!