An Enemies to Lovers, Romantic Suspense!
Code of Ethics Book Cover Code of Ethics
Cipher Security (Book 3)
April White
Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance
Smartypants Romance
September 21, 2021
ebook, paperback

There are three things you need to know about Oliver:

1) He's a fabulously wealthy playboy who incidentally happens to be a code-writing genius,
2) For maybe the first time in his life, he's trying to do the right thing, and
3) Someone wants him dead.

Oliver's life has already been saved once by the gorgeous yet grumpy "close protection specialist" provided by Cipher Security, Dallas. She calls him uncooperative. He'd prefer to think of himself as unpredictable and stimulating.

But when an assassin gets way too close for comfort, the party boy is whisked away from the lively city where he's the social king, to the desolate Yukon wilderness where Dallas is a master of survival (and grumpiness). Living wild and isolated reveals several illuminating truths, and suddenly they both find themselves in uncharted territory where grumpy can be sexy, sarcasm might be hot, capable is definitely dangerous, and trust is the strongest survival skill of all.

'Code of Ethics' is book #3 in the Cipher Security series. It is a full-length enemies-to-lovers romantic suspense novel, and can be read as a standalone.

“To everything there’s a season, and when it’s darkest, that’s the time to find laughter.” —April White, Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics by April White is the third contemporary romance standalone in her Cipher Security series for Smartypants Romance.

But that’s not all it is.

Code of Ethics is a story of cat and mouse, right and wrong, enemies to lovers, and the duties these characters have to others and themselves. April White created a story that felt bigger than it was. Her imagery and descriptive details are second to none. From the very first page, Dallas comes alive, and she practically prickles with intensity whenever she’s around Oliver, the man she’s tasked to protect.

Honestly and truly, there is nothing better than an April White story. All the nuanced layers, carefully researched history and descriptions, a knack for writing in current events as well as timelessness that always leaves me hanging onto her every word. Code of Ethics left me entranced until the final word on the very last page.

Oliver is an entrepreneur and web tech developer who finds himself in more trouble than he thought when he lands in the crosshairs of company hell-bent on keeping his software out of the hands of literally anyone but them. Cue Cipher Security and the need to have Oliver’s new bodyguard, Dallas, find a place that’s so far off the grid there’s no grid at all in order to keep Oliver and his tech safe.

For Dallas, that means that her past and present clash in a way that even she can’t mitigate. The way April White can so seamlessly blend in Oliver and Dallas’ oil-and-water relationship into the tumultuous First Nations history in the Yukon blew my mind. I know every time I pick up a book by April White, I will learn something new and ultimately walk away more informed. Expect nothing less here.

“You’ve let me see pieces of yourself, and the person in front of me gets more beautiful with every bit that’s revealed. I am in awe of just how beautiful you are.” —April White, Code of Ethics

In the Yukon, Dallas and Oliver’s need to survive is two-pronged. They are battling the harsh elements of the Canadian landscape as well as staying off the radar of those who want Oliver and his tech at any cost. Oliver’s lessons in learning to trust Dallas are just as beautiful as Dallas’ own character journey. In a place where the elements and nature can be so unforgiving, watching Dallas forgive herself and her past was something that was just as beautiful as seeing Oliver and Dallas get their Happily Ever After.

As a Smartypants Romance, there are appearances by our favorite Knitting in the City gang, as well as previous Cipher Security agents. Equal parts romance, mystery, suspense, and history lesson, Code of Ethics will be one of the most unforgettable reads of the year. If, after reading this incredible story you don’t believe that April White possesses magic—then you might be a muggle.