• Blood Trial: Supernatural Battle (Vampire Towers Book 1) by Kelly St. Clare
Blood Trial: Supernatural Battle Book Cover Blood Trial: Supernatural Battle
Vampire Towers Book 1
Kelly St. Clare
New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Vampires
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December 1, 2019

The dice are rolled at midnight.

As the twenty-one-year-old heiress to the Le Spyre fortune, my life should consist of strawberry mojitos and golf carts. Right?

But I’m determined to forge my own path.

Desperate to escape the meaningless games of the rich, I flee my family’s estate.

Secret alias—check.
Place to sleep—uh, kind of?

I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but that’s the least of my worries.

My city is a giant board game. The players are supernatural— freakin’ vampires—including an overbearing crown prince whose unwanted attention could spell my demise.

Now, I must play their deadly game, or my grandmother and best friend will pay the ultimate price.

This one will sneak up on you…  

Warning: do not start reading Blood Trial: Supernatural Battle book 1 of Kelly St. Clare’s new Vampire Towers series late in the day if you need to be up in the morning.

The QueenBee sent me Blood Trial: Supernatural Battle and I recognized Kelly’s name having read her collaborative work, The Darkest Drae Series.  While I enjoyed that series, the lead character never seemed to mature and had this snarky, teen attitude that ended up becoming annoying.  The first couple chapters of Blood Trial had me thinking that it was going to be the same thing all over again.  Basilia La Spyre is an uber-wealthy, young adult who has been waited on hand and foot her entire life and has millions at her disposal.  However, her life of privilege is not without its price, she is expected to play the adult game of politics and manipulation while never living the life of a normal child – who learns be a self-sufficient adult through hard work and determination.  She has enough and up and runs away to the city.  She tries to make it as a normal 21 year old, who struggles with getting a job and making rent while accompanied by her sass and snark, until she lands what she thinks might be her “big break”, though it might be the thing that literally breaks her.

One minute I’m thinking about how the book is plodding along and the next I’m swept up in a dark and intriguing, supernatural thriller where Basilia’s sass, snark and whits are the ace in the hole for her in the living “game” between warring vampire in which she has been thrust.  They are also the tools she employs to navigate her unsettling attraction to the hot and overwhelming dominant vampire, Kyros Sundulus.

Hours later I still could not put the book down and knew I would be paying for it the next day.  Blood Trial: Supernatural Battle is book 1 in the three book Vampire Towers series, so be forewarned there is a cliffhanger ending that will leave you wanting more.  Luckily books 2 and 3 are scheduled to be released in early 2020.