• Crown of Light
Crown of Light Book Cover Crown of Light
Lightness Saga (Book 1)
Stacey Marie Brown
Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Fae
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
February 11, 2017
Kindle, Paperback

A War is Brewing. Kennedy is one of the last known Druids. Wanted dead by the Seelie Queen and as a coveted asset to defeat this cruel ruler, Kennedy has become a mark. Especially by a sexy, merciless Dark Dweller, Lorcan Dragen. Kidnapped and taken prisoner, Kennedy’s life takes a dramatic turn down a path she never imagined. Spending time with a man who killed her best friend’s mother and her friend, she knows he is not someone she should care about. But the longer she spends with her enemy, the more her feelings blur the line between what is right and wrong, what is true and what is not. As her magic grows, so does the shy, nerdy girl, and she soon realizes nothing on a list or in a book will prepare her for what is ahead. Even her own feelings

Come over to the Lightside…

Full disclosure here: I have read every one of Stacey’s books in both The Collectors and Darkness Series and am avid fan of her writing.  Crown of Light is a parallel storyline that complements the Darkness Series.  While it is not absolutely necessary, you will miss so much if you do not read the Darkness Series first,  as a bonus…

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In honor of Kennedy’s list making habit:

  1. Think about what is great with the series.

I really love Stacey’s willingness to give us this series from the point of view of Kennedy, Ember’s high school friend whose lineage is that of a Druid, and Lorcan, Eli’s estranged brother. The events in Crown of Light happen concurrently with events in the Darkness Series, at a time when Lorcan kidnaps Kennedy and their whereabouts are unkown.  While they are just greater understandingsupporting characters in Darkness Series they are just as interesting as Ember and Eli and really deserve to have their POV told.  Additionally, it makes for an even better series to see things from a different angle. All the questions you asked while reading or didn’t think to ask are answered.  The result is a much fuller experience,  and when you love a story you can never get enough of that world and its inhabitants!


2. Remember my favorite aspects of Stacey’s writing.

steaming hotThe story has all the great features of Stacey’s writing; high energy writing and action, a wide array of characters with great individuality and depth, snarky dialogue and humor, and most importantly, her signature hot male leads! She knows how to bring highly unlikely characters together under unusual circumstances to build smoldering attractions with sizzling interactions.  I am also amazed at the great attention to detail between Crown of Light and the Darkness Series.  I doubt you would find any discrepancies in plot or character authenticity if you read them simultaneously.  This says a lot for Stacey’s skill as an author and her immersion in the world she has created.



3. Make a minor suggestion as a loyal reader.

I really liked this book and don’t want this to come off as nit picky but, I was slightly irritated with the ending. Kennedy is extremely intelligent and because of her Druid gifts, emotionally perceptive.  I was surprised she did not recognize the nature of the attraction between her and Lorcan.  I was also surprised with the choice she made in the end. impatiently waitingI’m hoping that this will be resolved in book two and was only included to provide the cliffhanger. That being said, there is no release date yet for Lightness Falling.   Until then, you will find me…