• In Which the Darkness Prevails
Darkness Fair Book Cover Darkness Fair
The Dark Cycle
Rachel A. Marks
Young Adult Fiction
February 2, 2016

Against the backdrop of an ancient battle between the forces of Light and the forces of Darkness, Aidan struggles to control the newly awakened powers that seem to be his only hope for rescuing Ava, his little sister, trapped somewhere beyond the Veil. As he gravitates to Kara, the dangerously unstable girl who helped him realize his abilities, a terrible mistake of fate is revealed that points him back toward Rebecca, whose role is becoming more critical to the battle. And no matter what his heart wants, it might be too late to stop the pieces already in motion.

Without knowing the sacrifices that will be required of them, Aidan and his motley crew of friends—each with their own role to play—must face the demon threat head-on. They’re the only ones keeping the growing army of Darkness at bay, and if they fail, the future of humanity could be lost.

free copy“Keep it hidden…keep it safe…”

That was the advice Aiden O’Linn’s mother had given to him, regarding how he should deal with his ability to see angels, demons, and things that go bump in the night. And for most of his life, he had followed that advice. However, everything changed when he met an ancient prophet named Sid, and the band of children he had assembled to help Aiden in his pre-ordained quest to prevent the end of the world. In the first book of the series, Darkness Brutal, Aiden came into his incredible power to fight and kill demons, won the hearts of two girls who couldn’t be more different, and lost his sister, Ava, behind the Veil. Darkness Fair picks up the story with Aiden struggling to figure out how to rescue Ava, how to save the world, and what to do about the love triangle he is unwillingly a part of.

I thoroughly enjoyed Darkness Brutal, and Rachel A. Marks did not disappoint with this second part of the series! The second book is often hard for authors to get just right, but in my opinion, she nailed it! Characters became more nuanced, the plot progressed quickly and not too predictably, and the love triangle was ingeniously resolved! This provided the perfect set-up for the yet-to-be published third book in the series, which I am eagerly awaiting…

So what can I say about Darkness Fair, without giving too much away? First, the character development of Rebecca blew me away! I found her annoying and naïve in the first book, but by the end of this one, I was wowed by her selflessness and purity. I’m relieved that for now it seems she will get a happy ending, even if it’s not the one her soul originally would have dreamt of. Second, the delivery of Kara from her childhood demons was very gratifying. Additionally, I enjoyed Kara’s part of the story because it reminds readers that love and faith can overcome many obstacles.  Finally, Ava and Aiden did not disappoint either, they were crafted perfectly for the roles assigned to them by destiny.

A few words of warning: The romance was a bit more intense than in Darkness Brutal, but never reaches a point that would make it inappropriate for young adults. There is some sex, but nothing graphic, and it involves real love! Also, this book is darker overall than the first, with more demons and other paranormal encounters.  This is just a by-product of the natural arc of the story, taking readers ever closer to the end of the world, and the final show-down between the forces of the Light and the Dark. Indeed, I was left wondering if Aiden’s light would continue to shine in the darkness, or if he will be snuffed out by the horde of demons freed by someone very close to him. To find out who I mean, you will need to read the book!

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