• The Fall of the King
The Fall of the King Book Cover The Fall of the King
Lightness Saga
Stacey Marie Brown
Fantasy, romance
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
October 8, 2017
Kindle, Paperback

There is nothing the Unseelie King can’t acquire. That is until he meets Fionna Cathbad, a fierce Druid, who won’t bow to anyone. Especially Lars. The Demon King has every right to kill her. Her treasonous acts against the crown are undisputable. But she is the key to the one thing he wants more than anything: the Cauldron of Dagda. A powerful treasure that no fae, even the King, should possess. To get what he wants, Lars discovers the very thing that forces Fionna to help him. This leads them down a treacherous path because it’s not only Fionna who is deceiving him. His own mind is starting to turn on him, twisting his sanity, and releasing the demon he keeps pinned up. As old ghosts and new foes step into this game, Lars needs to find the cauldron before all is lost. His kingdom and himself.

One of Stacey’s hottest couples yet…

and that is saying something from the author that gave us Ember and Eli (Darkness Series) and  Zoey and Ryker (Collector Series).  The Fall of the King is the third book in the Lightness Saga and in my mind one of the best out of them all.   The Fall of the King seamlessly picks up where Lightness Falling left off but takes you on new adventure with two previously supporting characters; Lars, the demon king, who has been in and out of the picture since the Darkness Series and the most recently introduced Fionna, Kennedy’s older sister and powerful druid in her own right.  And if you thought the action and the intrigue was compelling in the previous books, Stacey takes it to the next level with this continuation of the struggle for power and control of the future dystopian society brought about by the destruction of the world as we know it by the evil Fae queen.



Hands down, my favorite thing about The Fall of the King is Lars and Fionna.  When those two get together, stand back! Their strong personalities, iron wills, and unleashed passion produce a wild tempest again and again.  While Stacey is known for her hot couples, this is not a cookie cutter version of her stories.  With Lars and Fionna she has created another unique relationship.  The only issue I have is that I won’t know until the next book how it all works out.

The Fall of the King is not a stand alone book.  While starting with the first book of the Lightness Saga will give you enough back drop to understand The Fall of the King you really need to read the Darkness Series and Collector Series to appreciate the intricacies and nuances of this and following books.  You will not be disappointed and will find out why Stacey has such a devoted following of fans.