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Conversation Hearts Book Cover Conversation Hearts
Sweetbriar Hearts
Nora Everly
Contemporary Romance, Short Stories, 90 Minute Reads
Independently Published
February 10, 2023

What happens on Valentine’s Day

Stays on Valentine’s Day.

Or does it?


Violet’s coffee shop is covered in hearts and flowers and love is in the air.

And as Violet’s new manager, Holly can’t miss the annual Valentine’s Day mixer.


But she has a secret…

She has a crush on the town’s newest and hottest resident.

And shh…

He may or may not have it bad for her too—who knows?

Nobody. Nobody knows.

Because they don’t talk about it.


It seems like Cupid has taken aim at the hapless Holly and Liam—

Or perhaps it’s Holly’s big sister Violet who’s determined to matchmake the clueless twosome instead.


Unfortunately for Holly, one conversation is all it takes to turn her little crush into a—big one.

Now that she’s come face to face and Heart to Heart with Liam will she be able to resist him?


Catch up with the Sweetbriar Hearts on Valentine’s Day!


NOTE: This short story is best read after From the Heart and is a prequel to the upcoming Heart to Heart.

“I watched her walk through the door with a sense of sadness. It felt like we had been in a bubble right here in this office and it had just popped.” —Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts by Nora Everly is the novella you’re going to want to read to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. If Nora Everly can’t get you ready for this holiday, then no one can.

This review is short and sweet, just like this novella. Conversation Hearts sets the scene with our two lovebirds: Liam and Holly. In a town as small as Sweetbriar, when you know the same people chances are you know their business and their intentions. What Liam and Holly don’t know is that everyone around them knows they’ve been not-so-secretly pining for each other and Violet’s annual Valentine’s Day party at her coffee shop is the perfect place to set the stage.

“This was pure chemistry. The kind that exploded and sent people reeling.” —Conversation Hearts

Unless you’ve got stage fright and a fear of getting set up with the exact wrong person, but luckily for Holly and Liam they have friends and siblings on their side along with some adult-sized snacks. Between all the coffee puns, the palpable chemistry of our main characters, and a town full of randy lovebirds, Conversation Hearts will be a novella to get you in the mood for what’s next in the Sweetbriar Hearts series.

Congrats Nora on a fabulous flirty new novella!