A Dark and Spicy Monster Romance! New Series too!
Mortal Desires Book Cover Mortal Desires
Morales Coven (Book 1)
Scarlett Reyes, Amy Oliveira
Dark Romance, Paranormal Romance, Hispanic American Fiction & Literature
Independently Published
August 31, 2023
ebook, paperback

Imagine Charmed, but instead of vanquishing the demons, the sisters have their way with them.

A delicious new standalone by Amy Oliveira's monster romance pen name.

Death follows wherever I go, and now I need to pay my debts to their god…

I’m Pilar Morales, the sixth daughter of the legendary Morales coven. Each of us is blessed with a gift but mine… is a curse.

Since I was five years old I have seen the dead wandering our mansion. They reach out and talk. They begged for my help and I had to quickly learn how to guide them through the gates of hell.

But on All Hallows' Eve, everything goes wrong. My sisters and I are separated and I’m brought straight to the only being in the afterlife that hates me more than anything.

Vic despises me. He wants to keep me in the underworld so I can’t ease the suffering of his souls. But the only way to keep me in hell is to take me as his bride.

My new husband is set on making my eternal life miserable. He’s a god and I've been meddling in his business. And he’s not the god of forgiveness.

I’m his wife.

I’m his prisoner.

I'll never leave the underworld.

“To all of you who turned the VHS off when the Beast was about to turn into a prince.”

This dedication alone should be enough of a clue as to what is in store for readers of Mortal Desires by Scarlett Reyes. In this dark and spicy monster romance, we meet Pilar Morales. She’s the youngest of the Morales coven and one of six powerful brujas that has risen to power after the banishment of their evil father to the depths of hell.

Pilar has a gift, but one that she considers a curse. She can see and communicate with the dead. This is in direct conflict to the God of the Underworld himself. One of her sisters, Marnie, has her own gift in the form of being able to see soulmates. With this gift, Marnie informs her sisters that she’s believes they each have a soulmate. And on that exact evening, Pilar follows a ghost from her childhood, Penny, to the Underworld.

“Want to know what I think?” I shook my head slowly. “I think you’ve always been a wicked, little witch. I think that’s the real you.”

Once there, Pilar quickly meets Vicious, the God of the Underworld. The Devil. The amalgamation of every iteration and thought of the devil in one being. He’s the dark power to her humanity, and Vicious (Vic) is determined to keep Pilar in the Underworld by any means necessary. For Pilar, that means marriage.

The longer Pilar stays in Hell, the longer she and Vic realizes that their resentment of the other walks a fine line with desire. The only issue is that the more they interact, the more they want each other. But with their desires and pleasure-filled marriage ceremonies comes complications. Pilar’s father isn’t as banished as they all thought, and he’s got an accomplice.

“How did you go from the only thing I’d ever hated to the most sacred thing in this existence?”

Mortal Desires is equal parts dark and spicy, and a great introduction for what is sure to be a truly unique paranormal series. I hope we get to see what each of the sisters is up to and who they end up with. Getting to know how their powers works with their chosen soulmates is sure to be a big draw, at least for me. Pilar and Vic have an amorous enemies to lovers romance, full of banter and tons of heat.

Monster romance lovers should not miss out on this brand new release from Scarlett Reyes! Mortal Desires is available now and you definitely need to get a copy of your own!