• Hint of Danger (Undercover Magic Book 1) by Meg Anne
Hint of Danger Book Cover Hint of Danger
Undercover Magic Book 1
Meg Anne
Paranormal Romance, Ghost Thriller, New Adult
Words that Sparkle
June 4, 2020
Kindle, Paperback

She was supposed to be dead.

When a chance invitation to a magical ball revives Lina’s spirit, but none of her memories, she’s left with more questions than answers. Lucky for her, she was also left with someone determined to help her uncover them.

With her Guardian, Nord, at her side Lina begins her search, but neither of them expected that the dangers of her past would resurface and threaten her future. A future she finds herself hoping will include the Viking-like man who makes her heart race.

As the details of Lina’s curse are finally revealed, will she and her Guardian be able to overcome the truth? Or will the secrets of their past destroy any chance they might have had at finding their happily ever after?

Intriguing and Unique…

Hint of Danger, book one in the new series Undercover Magic by Meg Anne builds upon her characters, Lina and Nord from the Monster Ball Anthologies, in a suspense filled paranormal romance thriller.  Lina’s only memories are of being an apparition, until an unexpected invitation to the mysterious Monster Ball plunges her back into the physical world and the arms of Nord, a dangerously appealing supernatural.  Their instantaneous attraction is just the beginning as Nord, one of the select supernatural Guardians, swears to protect Lina and help her seek out information about her past life but Lina wants so much more from him as she discovers the emotions and sensations of the living in a corporeal  body.  It’s all Nord can do not to give into her but he is convinced that she needs to regain her memories and be certain she is not committed to another, as he knows that once they take things to the next level the tightly controlled Berserker in him would kill to keep her his.  As she begins to be tormented by dreams, that are really remembrances of her violent death, the realization that her past and most likely her future are more dangerous than they imagined will either bring them closer together or result in a horrific ending.

Meg has created a fascinating story that is different from most paranormal romances with a former ghost as its heroine.  Lina’s transition from specter to living person is wonderfully done and makes the reader contemplate how strange and overwhelming the whole experience could be.  Like all good romances, Lina and Nord’s relationship is both steamy hot and emotionally blunt, due in part to their natures and the circumstances of their connection.  The storyline is also really well laid out as it continually increases in suspense as Lina’s past is revealed bit by bit through graphic, blood-pumping dreams and strange encounters till it climaxes in a terrifying turn of events.  While I’m not a fan of cliffhangers Meg has executed a perfect ending that will definitely leave you craving the next book, Face of Danger due to release fall of 2020.

If you haven’t already read Monster Ball 2 grab it first to be introduced to Lina and Nord then delve into their story in the new Undercover Magic series by Meg Anne.