Endlessly Charming and Full of Hilarious Paranormal Hijinks
My Roommate is a Vampire Book Cover My Roommate is a Vampire
Jenna Levine
Paranormal Vampire Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
August 29, 2023
ebook, paperback, audiobook

True love is at stake in this charming, debut romantic comedy.

Cassie Greenberg loves being an artist, but it’s a tough way to make a living. On the brink of eviction, she’s desperate when she finds a too-good-to-be-true apartment in a beautiful Chicago neighborhood. Cassie knows there has to be a catch—only someone with a secret to hide would rent out a room for that price.

Of course, her new roommate Frederick J. Fitzwilliam is far from normal. He sleeps all day, is out at night on business, and talks like he walked out of a regency romance novel. He also leaves Cassie heart-melting notes around the apartment, cares about her art, and asks about her day. And he doesn’t look half bad shirtless, on the rare occasions they’re both home and awake. But when Cassie finds bags of blood in the fridge that definitely weren’t there earlier, Frederick has to come clean...

Cassie’s sexy new roommate is a vampire. And he has a proposition for her.

It didn’t matter that he wore a perfectly tailored three-piece suit, the charcoal-grey jacket and starched white shirt clinging to those broad shoulders like they were made specifically for his body, or that his matching grey slacks fit him just as well. None of this mattered, because this was someone with a room I maybe wanted to rent. Nothing more.

When I tell you that My Roommate is a Vampire is full of fun, campy paranormal vibes, laugh out loud characters, and a romance that is both wholesome and delivers on every single bit of swoon that was promised: there are no lies detected here. Jenna Levine has delivered a book that I guarantee you will love.

My Roommate is a Vampire is a modern-day Kate & Leopold with a paranormal twist. Cassie is a down on her luck artist. It’s hard to live in Chicago and make a living wage in the arts. When she stumbles on a “for rent” ad online, she thinks it’s too good to be true. Lo and behold, Frederick answers the door. Eccentric is a kind word to use for what Cassie discovers in his apartment, but for a Vampire, he takes it all in stride. After all, Frederick has got a secret to keep.

“Over the past two weeks I’ve discovered that in this city of millions, you are one of a kind.” His words carried a quiet intensity I could feel in the pit of my stomach.

With Cassie working during the day and Fredericks inexplicable nighttime habits, their communication comes down to notes and text messages, which are just as charming as their few and far between in-person interactions. That is until, Cassie finds out precisely why Frederick is so secretive. Although once Cassie finds out what Frederick is, he enlists her to help him blend into modern day Chicago, and who wouldn’t want to play dress up with Vampire Ken?

There is something about Frederick being so earnest in trying to adapt to the modern world that completely charmed me. His utter intolerance to be beholden to Reginald brought me endless giggles while reading. While My Roommate is a Vampire is definitely tongue in cheek, I just truly admired the overall romance between Frederick and Cassie. From their budding friendship to their admiration of each other to that final acceptance of what has been growing between them is truly delicious in a very unique way.

I smiled a little at the idea of Frederick threatening anyone at all. He might be an undead creature of the night—but as undead creatures of the night went, he was a marshmallow.

The hijinks of the paranormal side of the story are every bit of a rollercoaster of emotions. Frederick’s predicament and drama with his family and their very traditional views causes him a seemingly endless amount of annoyance, but in contrast, it’s his dedication to Cassie’s goodness that truly won me over.

I cannot stop thinking about My Roommate is a Vampire. I adored these characters. For building a new world, incorporating paranormal elements, and even having a bit of a thrill thrown in, this hit all the sweet spots in a truly unforgettable romance. I guarantee you will want to clear your to-do list to read this one! Congrats to Jenna Levine on a fangtastic new release!