Love on the Byline Book Cover Love on the Byline
A Plays and Players Novel
Xio Axelrod
Blue Box Press (August 29, 2023)

Blake Dillon isn’t exactly living the dream. She longs to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and make a difference in the world as a journalist. Unfortunately, her current job has her paying-off hotel staff for celebrity gossip. Tasked with shadowing a film star for an in-depth profile, Blake sees it as a chance to finally prove her worth. She never expected the interview to reconnect her with her old college crush. Oliver Benjamin agrees to move to Los Angeles to work as the executive assistant to his best friend, a rising star. He hopes it will give him some direction. However, he soon discovers the only difference between being a frat boy and a Hollywood heartthrob is the amount of free stuff and the level of media attention. Ollie spends most of his time putting out fires, leaving little time for anything else. When Blake is sent to chronicle their lives, he finds himself face-to-face with the one that got away. Blake and Ollie are smart enough to recognize the signs—there are enough sparks between them to melt glass—but they agree to put a lid on it until the article is finished. Much easier said than done when they’re forced to spend more time together than apart. There’s more going on than a simple interview, but they’re both professionals. They must resist temptation or risk unraveling both their lives.

Love on the Byline is a great first dive in Xio Axelrod books!

Right away, I knew I had to read Love on the Byline by Xio Axelrod. She’s an author that has long been on my radar. This book in particular is a slow burn for which I just so happened to be in the mood. I was drawn in by the fact the synopsis was clear that they’d establish the clear desire for each other, but the slow play was a mutual decision. I was ready for some s3xual tension rather than the “does he love, does he not?”.

Blake Dillon and Oliver Benjamin are college friends who just didn’t take their young chance together. Almost as quickly as their spark was igniting, it was extinguished when Oliver’s best friend came between him and Blake. They’re both clearly surprised when it’s the cinematic career of that same best friend that brings them back in forced proximity years later as adults. Right away, it’s awkward but cute. They shake past the newness and begin to settle into a working relationship.

Sweet summer escapades in SoCal. ✔️

Bran, the topic of Blake’s article is constantly busy and all over the place. This provides ample time for Oliver and Blake to spend alone catching up at a private rental house in southern California. Honestly, there’s some sweet and steamy moments in and around the pool that really make a girl wish she had an infinity pool of her own.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet slow burn that ultimately packs a delicious heat, pick up Love on the Byline! The sizzle between Blake and Ollie has the sweetness of reconnecting with an old friend, while adding the excitement of a getting to know someone new. I absolutely loved it!