Vampire Saga
Bishops Flight Book Cover Bishops Flight
Elemental Covenant Book 4
Elizabeth Hunter
Adult, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Vampire,
Recurve Press, LLC
Kindle, Paperback

The sins of the past will burn you. Four nights. Three days. The human son of two powerful vampires has been taken from his home, and if Carwyn and Brigid can’t find him, the delicate balance of power in an immortal haven might just go up in flames. Las Vegas holds a special appeal in the immortal world. It’s a city of darkness, debauchery, and vice; a city where inhibitions are low and blood runs hot. Rose Di Marco and Agnes Wong have been running this city as immortal bosses for nearly a century, but when their son is kidnapped, they turn to their neighbors for help. Carwyn and Brigid know how to find the lost, but what they don’t know is why Zasha Sokholov, a Siberian fire vampire and offshoot of an old crime family, became fixated on them. Carwyn has his suspicions, but all Brigid can think about is a fifteen-year-old boy who’s been taken as bait. She’ll need a clear head and the help of some unexpected allies to find him. Bishop’s Flight is the fourth book in the Elemental Covenant series by Elizabeth Hunter, ten-time USA Today Bestselling author of the Irin Chronicles and the Elemental Mysteries. “We may try to run from our past, but it finds us. We can put continents—even millennia—between us, but in the end, the sins of the fathers will come back to visit.”

Life was a game. It was a really complicated games sometimes, but it was still a game. There were winners and losers. You could move ahead or fall back. You could come from behind and win when no one expected you to, and you didn’t always have to be the smartest or the best at the game to win. A lot of it was just luck.

Bishop’s Flight is Elizabeth Hunter’s fourth installment of the Elemental Covenant series and follows Carwin and Brigid’s work as supernatural investigators in a cat and mouse game with a sadistic fire vampire, Zasha Sokholov. As an ancient earth vampire, Carwyn’s age and power is the perfect balance to Brigid’s, as a young and volatile fire vampire. Their marriage as well as their work, rescuing mortals and immortals from traffickers, is helping Brigid deal with her traumatic past. But, Zasha’s obsession with her and the game he is willing to play with other’s as pawns, pushes her to fight back in ways she never imagined.

Carwyn and Brigid are two of Elizabeth’s fan favorite characters, well suited for their own series. In typical Elizabeth fashion, their attraction, connection, and compatibility is palpable and I never get enough of their banter. Even with highly unusual pasts their sense of rightness guides them to help others who can’t fight against a sadistic and prevalent evil. Each investigation, and the building ties to Zasha have been intriguing, and Bishop’s Flight is no different. Carwyn and Brigid’s investigation into the kidnapped mortal son of two immortals, with its twists and turns, will keep you hooked from beginning to end. I also really enjoyed the chess theme tying the actual events with a bigger picture of good versus evil. Elizabeth is such a master at writing at so many different levels. Bishop’s Flight is definitely a story that needs to be read in context and in order to fully understand and appreciate it, which is not a bad thing as all the other books are really good as well.

With the final book of this series, Tin God, coming out Summer of 2024, Bishop’s Flight is definitely a crescendo into that finale with an ending that unravels more plot lines than it ties up. While I get the purpose of it, as a reader I’m not a fan of cliffhangers, especially if the ending hangs on choices and actions that seem out of character for the MCs and/or relationships in the story. I know that is a very vague statement, but I really don’t want to drop any spoilers. However, this is why this is one of the few four stars ratings I have ever given an Elizabeth Hunter book. But, as an avid reader of EH, I continue to believe that she is a fabulous author who has never disappointed me in the past, so I’m trusting that the final book of the series will give me the understanding, satisfaction and closure I need on this story. I highly recommend this whole series and encourage you to dive into it before the final book drops next summer!