• Psychic Dreams: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel (Glimmer Lake Book 3) by Elizabeth Hunter
Psychic Dreams: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel Book Cover Psychic Dreams: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel
Glimmer Lake Book 3
Elizabeth Hunter
Adult women, paranormal, contemporary romance,
Recurce Press, LLC
August 18, 2020

She’s feeling the heat. Or it might be a hot flash. Sometimes it’s really hard to tell.

It’s been four years since Monica lost the love of her life to a sudden and devastating heart attack. She’s held her family together and picked herself up with the love and help of her two best friends. Now Monica has a new business, a new wardrobe, and a new vision for the future.

As in actual psychic visions. Dreams that manifest in reality? Monica’s still not sure why or how it happened, but she’s been seeing everything from unexpected visitors to visions of fire and destruction.

Separating premonitions from morbid imagination is proving harder than Monica expected, and no one can tell her if these new, violent visions will become a reality.

Added to that, there’s a new fire investigator in town, and he’s more than a little suspicious about the anonymous and frighteningly accurate tips someone is calling in. Monica is feeling the heat… or is that a hot flash?

Is their town about to feel the burn of a serial arsonist, or can Monica, Robin, and Val figure out the dangerous secret smoldering at the heart of Glimmer Lake?

What if you had dreams about the future…

Three midlife women; Robin, Val, and Monica, have been best friends since their teen years.  However, they have never been the same since a recent car accident where they almost died when they plunged into an icy lake only to be saved by a compassionate ghost looking for closure on his tragic life.  Their new found, yet different, paranormal abilities are initially unsettling but become extremely handy as they are drawn into solving murders and crimes while banishing malevolent spirits or helping good souls move on.  Psychic Dreams, Elizabeth Hunter’s final book in the Glimmer Lake Series, is a wonderful culminating story from Monica’s point of view. While Robin is able to see and communicate with ghosts and Val gets visions and impressions from touching objects, Monica receives glimpses of the future through vivid dreams.  When Monica starts getting two recurring dreams: one about totally destructive fires in their beautiful mountain town and the other about sex with the smoking hot new fire chief who totally discredits the paranormal, she is once again reminded that with age comes confidence and experience and the ability to get things done.  Psychic Dreams is a wonderfully engaging story that seamlessly intertwines the normal with the paranormal.  The plot revolves around the plausible and is flourished with the supernatural in such a way that you can’t help but wonder if psychic gifts could be real.

While I have yet to read an Elizabeth Hunter book that hasn’t been engaging and entertaining her real talent is her study of people and relationships.  Her characters are always fresh and unique and their relationships with each other reflects the nuanced differences that exists in real life.  I loved the dynamics between these girls and the way their friendship is an anchor, and not just because of their shared gifts, but what brings out their true personalities.  While I’m the same age as Robin, Val, and Monica and might better understand their attitudes and actions,  every reader can relate to the fact that good friends are what makes the good things in life better, the bad things bearable. and best friends are the ones that bring the wine.

Of course, what is a EH book without a good romance?  Just like her characters, each new romance that Elizabeth writes is fresh, exciting, and reflective of the characters themselves.  The relationship between Monica and Gabe is more than a quick culmination of this attraction, but a wonderful building of their feelings towards each other that the reader gets to experience.  That’s not to say that Monica’s interest in a hunky firefighter does not generate a little heat. 🔥  It was the poise and determination that Monica had through all this; moving forward after the death of her husband to start a business and date again, that made me love her all the more.  I guarantee you will love this story and series, if you haven’t already started reading it. While Psychic Dreams is the end of the Glimmer Lake Series it is the springboard for a new paranormal women’s series, Moonstone Cove, scheduled to release in October of 2020.