All the Feels and TONS of Charm!
Rumor Has It Book Cover Rumor Has It
Cardinal Falls (Book 1)
Kat Savage
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
Independently Published
July 27, 2023
ebook, paperback

From USA Today Bestselling Author Kat Savage comes Rumor Has It, a small town, friends to lovers romantic comedy, full of laugh-out-loud moments and enough steam to get the wrinkles out of your shirt.

I’ve been friends with Theo Jameson since he defended my honor in third grade. He’s my bro, my bestie, my knight in shining flannel.

But after an unpleasant night at the local bar, I’m experiencing feelings I don’t even understand. Not to mention, everyone in town seems to be whispering about it.

What they’re saying isn’t true, but I find myself wishing it was. I keep daydreaming about him. About us.

The moment I rescued Ellie Hayes from uncertain danger in elementary school, I knew my life would never be the same. She's my best friend, my confidant, my hero.

She's not one to make trouble but that all changed at our favorite watering hole. I’ve never seen her that mad and maybe it’s just me, but it was hot.

Now I got friends asking me how long we’ve been secretly going out and every time I deny it, I wish I didn't have to.

“Actually, I’m going to lure him in with my sparkling personality, wit, and humor,” she says confidently. “And then close up like a Venus flytrap.”

Rumor Has It by Kat Savage is the brand new standalone in the Cardinal Falls series set in a small town in Kentucky. This sleepy little town features lots of charm, nosy but (mostly) nice residents, and a hefty amount of small town gossip—which obviously ties into the title.

Ellie is a teacher. Her best friend since forever is Theo. He’s Mr. Dependable for whatever she needs. A buddy to watch movies with, a dinner partner, a shoulder to cry on, a designated driver, and her defender, as well as hype man. She’s a plus size woman in a world where the immature men in town don’t appreciate her curves, her wild side, or her attitude.

“I’d complain about how long it takes women to get ready in comparison to men, but have you ever seen how hot they are? Partially because of the work they put in, but more so because they feel confident and happy. And a woman who feels confident about herself is a creature to be reckoned with.”

Theo is the best kind of book boyfriend. Not only does he just adore Ellie as a person. He loves her for who she is, what she looks like is just a plus to him. He’s been able to picture a forever kind of life with her for a while, and his chance finally comes around after he plays “white knight” for Ellie one night at the local bar.

This is the part where the town plays it’s part in the title and getting Ellie and Theo together: the rumor mill. It isn’t just that Ellie and Theo were in a tight embrace on the dance floor, they also cohabitated for the weekend to help save the life of a baby opossum. Between all the suggestive comments of Ellie and Theo’s friends and co-workers, the run-ins with Theo’s notorious ex, and the mutual pining, I couldn’t get enough of this totally bingeable romance.

“Romance and love are two very different things.”

While Rumor Has It is on the shorter side, it delivers on a totally wonderful HEA. Truly, I need more book boyfriends like Theo. I loved that he complemented Ellie so well, and didn’t want to change her one bit. That’s the making of a great man, and a great partnership.

I highly recommend giving Rumor Has It a read, and then go on and read just about anything in Kat Savage’s backlist. I look forward to getting to know more residents of Cardinal Falls and seeing what else Kat Savage has in store for readers. Happy Release Day, Kat!