Jove Brand Is Near Death Book Cover Jove Brand Is Near Death
J A Crawford
Mixed Martial Arts, Humor & Satire
Camcat Books
July 13, 2021
Hardcover, Audiobook, Kindle

The name is Allen. Ken Allen.

These days Ken Allen is a nobody.

But once upon a time, his name was Brand. Jove Brand.

Eighteen years ago, Ken Allen played the famous fictional superspy in Near Death, a movie so bad it was never meant to be seen. Since then, Ken has faded into cult obscurity, but when his celebrated successor is killed in the same ghastly fashion as the villain in Near Death, Ken is cast as the prime suspect.

The only way for Ken to clear his name is to go full method and once again play the part of Jove Brand, except this time it's for real. As murder surrounds him, the secrets behind Near Death Ken fought to keep buried for eighteen years begin to surface.

James Bond with a sprinkle of Naked Gun

If you take away James Bond’s sophisticated edge and add a ton of quirk, an obsession with Keto, and solid martial arts skills, you get Ken Allen, the main character on Jove Brand Is Near Death by J.A. Crawford.

Ken Allen once had the right looks and the right skills to play Jove Brand in a movie, when the producers were in a pinch to meet a crucial deadline. Unfortunately, he had no acting skills, so 20 years later, he has precisely one acting credit on his fictional IMDB profile. When he is called to be part of the event to announce the latest actor chosen to play Jove Brand, he is happy to be a team player and make himself available, even though the mixed martial arts trainer has long left his acting days behind. During the event, the exiting Jove Brand is killed during the event in the same way Ken killed the villain in his movie. To make things worst for him, he was the last one to see the actor alive and the first one at the crime scene. And, unfortunately, the bodies around him quickly start piling up.

When the attractive female detective is looking at him as the main suspect, Ken has no choice but to work the case himself. With the help of his old gang from the film, he becomes the real-life version of Jove Brand with official spy tech and even old movie props to help. In his quest to prove his innocence, he ends up having to reveal decades-long secrets and even finds out a fair share of bombshells himself.

Jove Brand Is Near Death is a funny and action-packed thriller with a fast-moving plot and likable characters. The story is James Bond-inspired but it also has some Steven Segal and Naked Gun vibes. If this sounds like your jam, I definitely recommend you dive in