Jack loves his wife Libby, but is he still in love with his first wife, Eve?

Libby is a very smart and likable woman. She crosses paths with Jack Britcham by chance, and honestly doesn’t like him very much. Patient and kind, Jack inevitably charms Libby and their love quickly spirals into marriage. In time, Libby finds herself desperate to learn more about Eve – his mysterious first wife in a pink wedding dress.

Having died tragically, Eve is not an easily discussed topic for Jack.

After a car accident that leaves Libby with healing injuries and upsetting scars, her and Jack both find it hard to learn their new normal. There’s something about the accident that he’s not telling her. She only remembers flashes of before and after impact. It only gets worse when she learns that Jack was a suspect for murder in Eve’s accidental death. Did Jack actually try to kill Libby too in a way that could be perceived an accident?

During her recovery, Libby discovers Eve’s hidden diary. It’s possible that she could have had the inner strength to dispose of the diary if she hadn’t peeked at the note tucked inside. It’s immediately clear that Eve knew she might be murdered. It’s such a  compelling letter, it’s impossible to resist reading further.

Eve, The Woman He Loved Before, led such a turbulent life with many unfair obstacles. You’ll feel joy, anger, and heart ache for Eve that is so real, you’d think you knew her.