• A Swoony Grease Adaptation!
The One That I Want Book Cover The One That I Want
Scorned Women Society series (Book 3)
Piper Sheldon
Contemporary Romance
Smartypants Romance
February 25, 2021
ebook, paperback

There is no such thing as luck.

Roxy Kincaid isn't a biker chick anymore. She's made herself more than Jethro Winston's castoff, and she's never going back to her old life with the Iron Wraiths. But one summer night, a charming stranger threatens to sweep Roxy off her feet. Ignoring fate and their instant attraction, she has to get back to her real life in Green Valley. He couldn’t be the one that she wants when he’s exactly the thing that could ruin everything. If only she could stop thinking about him.

Luck is everything.

Sanders Olsson is going to fix his mistakes. He's determined to show his best friend he’s a reliable business partner not the distracted flake he's been lately. But he has to listen when the universe brings him a sign in the form of a guarded beauty he can’t keep his eyes off. Their instant connection is almost magical but she leaves without giving him even a last name. When fate gives Sanders a second chance in life and love, he sets out for Green Valley without a backward glance.

Their summer lovin’ happened so fast but what will it take to make it last?

'The One That I Want' is a full-length contemporary romance and can be read as a standalone. Book #3 in the Scorned Women's Society series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe.

“If touching her felt like a gift from the universe, imagine what good conversation would be like.” —Piper Sheldon, The One That I Want

Piper Sheldon is one of those authors that I just know will deliver a great story to me. Her latest release for Smartypants Romance, The One That I Want, is an adaptation of Grease and not only features a fantastic female heroine, but also includes a vulnerable hero who has the knack of winning over the hardest of hearts.

Roxy Kincaid is at the point in her life where she’s trying to finally lay her past to rest in order to figure out how to be successful in her future endeavors. Her plans get rocked the minute she meets handsome and charming Aussie, Sanders Olsson, on a business trip in Denver. Not one (at least anymore) to risk herself and her heart to chance, she flees back to her home in Green Valley determined to have Sanders be a bright memory and nothing more.

Sanders is the kind of character that wears his heart on his sleeve and throws himself into whatever whim he wants with utterly reckless abandon. While he inevitably always lands on his feet, normally it’s because his best friend, Skip, is there to help him out of whatever trouble Sanders finds himself in. When Roxy disappears without a trace, Sanders finds out her location and hurdles headlong to Green Valley without second thought. Sanders struggle with wanting to woo Roxy is stymied when he realizes that he needs to restrain himself and think things through before acting. Alternatively, Roxy struggles with overthinking and restraining her instincts. I love that even the title, The One That I Want, tells you exactly that Roxy and Sanders want each other, they just need to work through their own internal struggles in order to earn each other’s trust.

Sanders and Roxy’s interactions throughout The One That I Want are as carefully crafted as a tango, and equally as sultry. With key scenes that are reminiscent of the iconic ones from Grease, The One That I Want is unique and heartfelt. Full of girl gang goodness, and swoon-worthy grand gestures that will also make you giggle, The One That I Want is easily a five-star book, and definitely worth your time to read!