• Engagement and Espionage by Penny Reid
Engagement and Espionage Book Cover Engagement and Espionage
Solving for Pie: Cletus and Jenn Mysteries (Book 1)
Penny Reid
Cozy Mystery
July 14, 2020
ebook and paperback

Jennifer Sylvester made her deal with the devil . . . and now they’re engaged!

But all is not well in Green Valley. A chicken choker is on the loose, 61 dead birds most "fowl" need plucking, and no time remains for Jennifer and her devilish fiancé. Desperate to find a spare moment together, Jenn and Cletus’s attempts to reconnect are thwarted by one seemingly coincidental disaster after another. It’s not long before Cletus and Jenn see a pattern emerge and the truth becomes clear.

Will an undercover mission unmask the culprit? Or are these love-birds totally plucked?

'Engagement and Espionage' is the first book in the Solving for Pie: Cletus and Jenn Mysteries series, is a full-length cozy mystery, and is a spin-off of Penny Reid's Winston Brothers series. This novel is best read after 'Beard Science,' Winston Brothers #3.

“Understanding that I don’t know everything is the first step toward knowing everything.” -Engagement and Espionage

Engagement and Espionage is the first book in the Solving for Pie: Cletus and Jenn Mysteries series by Penny Reid. Engagement and Espionage is her take on a cozy mystery staring Green Valley’s powerhouse duo Cletus Winston and Jennifer Sylvester.

While Engagement and Espionage is an offshoot of the Winston Brothers series, the story picks up with Cletus and Jenn at the end of Beard Science. Jennifer is still getting used to her new relationship with her mother that includes way more boundaries, and her relationship with her father has been non-existent.  Jenn is also getting settled into to her new romantic relationship with Cletus Winston. Unfortunately, someone threw a chicken (or twelve or twenty) in Jenn’s plans to find more time to spend with him.

When Cletus and Jenn start piecing the puzzle together that all of these unfortunate events that are happening all of a sudden in Green Valley are in some way linked to Jenn and the Donner Bakery…things start going hinky. Reading Engagement and Espionage combines all the fun and comedy from the Winston Brothers series with a smart, fast-paced Sherlockian plot. I love that we still get all the classic snark of Cletus, but also he seems less rough and his edges seem more smoothed thanks to his sweet lady. Jennifer on the other hand, is becoming more bold, and more wild. Cletus and Jenn bring out the best in each other, which we were introduced to in Beard Science, but their dynamic is amplified in Engagement and Espionage. A true testament to trust and love, Cletus and Jenn are just as addicting as ever.

I absolutely loved Engagement and Espionage, hence the five stars. I could not put it down. Sometimes cozy mysteries can be a bit bland, but this one gives you a full-serving of Cletus and Jenn’s swoony romance! A completed story, there are no cliffhangers here. Just enough fantastic storytelling to leave you craving Penny Reid’s next installment of the utterly delicious Solving for Pie: Cletus and Jenn Mysteries.

Engagement and Espionage is available now in ebook and paperback!