• Feather by Olivia Wildenstein
Feather Book Cover Feather
Angels of Elysium
Olivia Wildenstein
Fantasy Romance
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January 16, 2020

Angel and Sinner

Feather was my first book by Olivia Wildenstein and what a way to begin!  This is a novel that explores the journey of an angel as she aspires to ascend to Elysium but must first earn her wings a feather at a time.  

As we meet our leading lady Lena It becomes obvious that there is an imbalance within the realm, there are those who are treated unjustly and she feels that she can be the one to right those wrongs.  To do so
she must first save enough sinners to finish her wings, and the quickest way is by saving the worse of the worst a “Triple.” As she travels to Paris to meet the mysterious Jarod Adler she quickly realizes that there is a possibility that in trying to save his soul, she may be risking hers in return.  


Jarod Adler is the head of the Parisian mafia and has no interest in his eternity.  When he meets Lena he is less than impressed with her pitch of redeeming his soul, but something about the persistant angel has him intrigued and as they get closer it turns out that neither is what the other was expecting.  

I thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in this story that by the end had me gasping for air.  The lighthearted beginning does not prepare you for the feels that Olivia Wildenstein pulls out of you by the final pages.  There was a complexity to the relationship between Lena and Jarod that showed how caring for someone may be the most painful thing you do. I am fully convinced that there’s is a love is that should be revered as one of the great loves of literature. 

After finishing Feather by Olivia Wildenstein I had to retreat to YouTube to comfort myself with Cat videos. The book description warned that there would be a difficult ending, but I was unprepared by how ruined I would be in the most perfect way. I highly recommend this book, but be prepared for a serious book hangover as we anxiously await the sequel!