Mended (Lucian & Lia Book 3)
  • Mending Hearts

Mended is the last book in the Lucian and Lia story.  I know I was sad as well but have no fear Sydney Landon has answered our prayers and will be releasing Rose’s story after Christmas and to put the icing on the cake Aiden’s story will be released in 2016! So with that said let me tell you about this crazy beautiful book.

“I make it to the sidewalk in front of my apartment, thinking of little else but following Lia. She is as essential to me as the air I breathe”

Lets get right down to it shall we?  Lucian is finally getting his shit together and getting clean and brace yourself people LUCIAN FINALLY TELLS LIA ABOUT CASSIE!!!!

Okay so I am going to try to do this without giving too much away but Jesus man Cassie was one messed up girl.  But when Lucian tells the story about what happened you feel bad for her. Maybe things would have been different if Lucian was not a self professed competitive asshole and let Aiden be with her….or Aiden would be dead right now either way this whole mess had my head spinning, because not only is Cassie mentally unstable but now she is out and Lucian is worried about Lia’s safety as well as his own.

Mended is a book about just that. Two people mending each other and I loved every word of it.   All questions are answered about Lucian and LIa in this book.  Landon did a decent job in setting up the spin off series for Aiden and Rose without taking too much focus off of Lician & Lia.




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