Rush by Lucia Jordan

Rush was Rushed

Rush is the first book in the Rush Series by Lucia Jordan  and I must say it was not what I expected and I was hoping for so much more.  I have never read a Lucia Jordan book  before and I am afraid the Rush series will be my first and last.

Sebastian is our alpha male and he is very demanding and controlling in a very sexy passionate way. Kendra is our smart beautiful and a little self conscious female character who of course immediately wants Sebastian and vice versa.  The sex escalated quickly with no real rhyme or reason to it. I gave the series the benefit of the doubt because the first book was not a completely horrible read and had the possibility to get better

Well…… didn’t, I was disappointed  at the fact the story had some good plot twists (for the little plot it had) and could have been a good read if it had more development and was better written.  The main theme through the entire series is that it all was very rushed.   I am not going to put up reviews for the rest of the series because its all the same. poorly written, grammar issues and just a lot of sex with no reason and feeling unexplained. If you want to take this journey for yourself link is below.



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