• The Seeker: Irin Chronicles Book Seven by Elizabeth Hunter
The Seeker Book Cover The Seeker
The Irin Chronicles
Elizabeth Hunter
Romance, Fantasy
Recurve Press, LLC
October 16, 2018
Kindle, Paperback

He's a scribe looking for answers. If only a cagey--and frustratingly attractive--singer will let him help.

Summoned to the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Rhys of Glast, Irin archivist and scribe of Istanbul, must convince a legendary Irina singer to trust him. His success could shift the balance of power all over the Irin world and give singers an important key to their past.

Meera didn't call for Rhys's help, and she doesn't need it. The scribe's mission is to bring more martial magic into the Irin world, while Meera has been looking for a path toward peace. She's convinced that some other motive is at work, and his stubborn arrogance doesn't pass for charm in her hallowed opinion.

Discovering ancient Irina magic should be something both scholars can agree on, but can these two rivals find any common ground? Neither Rhys nor Meera can ignore the simmering heat between them, but will attraction overcome the caution that has shaped both their lives?

THE SEEKER is the seventh book in the Irin Chronicles, a romantic contemporary fantasy series by Elizabeth Hunter, USA Today best-selling author of the Elemental Mysteries.

Just when you think it can’t get any better…  

Disclaimer: I have read every Elizabeth Hunter book and am an admitted fan of all her series.

While liking Elizabeth and the worlds she has created does make me a little biased in my opinion of her it also means that the bar is set that much higher because of the quality of her other writings.  The Irin Chronicles, in particular, are book after book of captivating characters and enthralling stories.  Each book revolves around a particular couple, whose personal and intimate story intersects with the bigger conflict between redeemed and fallen angels and the race of people descended from them; Irin, Irina, and Grigori.   God created the Irin and Irina not only as complements to each other, as scribes and singers, but in the magic that they are given to protect the human race from the Grigori.  If you have never read the any of the books in this series I highly recommend that you do because they are really, really good.  You can still read The Seeker as a stand alone but you will get so much more out of Elizabeth’s newest release if you know the backstory.

The Seeker, book seven in The Irin Chronicles, is set in the vibrant city of New Orleans and the bayous of Louisiana.  Rhys of Glast, an Irin scribe and one of the original characterfrom the first book The Scribe, is tasked with searching for the legendary and elusive Wolf, an extremely powerful singer who with the help of her mate single handedly defeated a fallen angel without the assistance of a heavenly forged blade.  Rhys must find her and obtain the knowledge of the martial magic she employed with the hopes that it will empower the current singers and restore the balance of power between Irin and Irina on the Council of Vienna.  His unlikely accomplice in this quest is the beautiful Meera who is more than just a young Irina living out life in New Orleans. His discovery of her true identity and the power it entails sets them at odds over what the future for their kind looks like.  The friction of these two great minds creates an undeniable attraction that both must come to terms with in the face of a building attack by the dark side.

Can I just say, wow!!  Not only does Elizabeth seamlessly create another branch in her amazingly entertaining Irin/Irina family tree, but this might even be the hottest and most amazing couple yet.  I absolutely loved the intellectual sparing between Rhys and Meera; they have met their match in each other.  Their formidable physical attraction definitely rivals the previous romantic couples Elizabeth has created.  But, more than anything else, I am continually impressed with the fact that not only is Elizabeth a prolific writer, you don’t have to wait years for a continuation of a story, but each of her series and the books within those series are unique and consistently great in their own right.  Seriously, if you are not already a fan I challenge you to start reading her books and you soon will be!