Warrior's Hope Book Cover Warrior's Hope
The Dark Protectors
Rebecca Zanetti
Paranormal Romance

This thrilling novel in the New York Times bestselling author’s popular Dark Protectors series takes readers on a wild ride as the only female vampire ever born brings a love triangle to its explosive conclusion—deciding the fate of battling factions as the forces of good and evil gather for the ultimate showdown.

As the only female vampire ever born, and the heir to two powerful immortal families, Hope 
Kayrs-Kyllwood has always felt the weight of fate and destiny. Now her heart is torn between two men and two different futures. It’s a choice between duty and love, peace and war, with the fate of everyone she loves hanging in the balance. 
As the leader of the Kurjan nation, Drake has always known that mating Hope is the best path to avoiding war. He’s counting on her to know the same. . . . Paxton has been Hope’s best friend and protector since they were children. He would kill and die for her without a second thought. In fact, he’s always known that would be his path . . .
With deadly factions at her heels, Hope must decide whom to trust and where her loyalty lies—before the choice is taken away from her . . .

This may be the 16th book in the Dark Protectors series, but it will still surprise you!

I am a hardcore Rebecca Zanetti fan for good reason. She always gives readers several unexpected turns in every book. Warrior’s Hope is a book that we Dark Protectors fans have been waiting for because their storyline has been building up in the background of previous books. We’ve known that Hope, our heroine, had to make a choice between love and duty. It took Hope a lot longer to recognize that she even had a choice at all.

Hope is the tip of a love triangle with Drake and Paxton, two men that she’s been friends with since childhood. The only thing she’s ever been sure about is that the three of them were somehow fated together in the process of taking Ulhric down. Ulhric is an evil being who is utterly invincible. There is literally no way to even hurt him. Thus, he’s a fierce and hated leader alongside Drake, leader of the Kurjan people. Drake and Hope only communicate in a dream world of Hope’s creation. Despite being the leader of her own people’s enemies, he has always been her friend. He’s long been open about his desire for her to be his queen, and broker peace between their people.

Paxton is fiercely loyal to Hope, but he’s been hiding a very big secret.

In Warrior’s Hope, Hope finally discovers what Paxton has truly been off doing all around the world. All signs lead to Paxton being a traitor. Once he’s caught, he doesn’t deny his wrongdoing but also doesn’t explain it either. He’s fortunate that Hope tries so hard to believe him for the sake of their childhood. It’s his past reputation that keeps him alive long enough for the truth to be revealed.

I have to admit, throughout the book I wanted to shake Hope. She was being manipulated left and right and just would not see the signs right in front of her. Thinking on this more, it’s just so very human. All of us want to believe in the version of someone in our memories rather than what is right in front of us. Hope was much more kind and trusting than any of them deserved.

Zanetti always racks up the tension until the pressure is just too much to handle!

The peak moment when Hope finally makes her life altering choice was so beautiful, so satisfying, and yet so incredibly terrifying. I felt the walls closing in on her and couldn’t see how she’d escape her trap. Each time it seemed like she could escape enemy territory, she’d be pulled right back. Every angle was planned ahead, every secret was known, and the fate of everyone came down to Hope. It was truly brilliant writing!

Warrior’s Hope could be read as a standalone because Zanetti does drop brief explanations of where we are and why we’re fighting. Just know that you’re going to see a ton of names of people that had their own kick-*ss stories that are also a must read. No joke, all 16 books are worth it. Wouldn’t it be fun to just binge this series? Part of me wishes I could read all of them brand new.

This book was provided in exchance for an honest review graphic