• The Worst Best Man by Lucy Score
The Worst Best Man
Lucy Score
Romantic Comedy
That's What She Said Publishing, LLC
February 9, 2018

"Newsflash. You don't buy me, a$#%^*e. You earn me."

The bride is a doll. The groom is the perfect gentleman. But the rest of the wedding party? They're the stuff of nightmares. Rich? Check. Vapid? Double Check. Entitled? Not enough checks in the world. And the Best Man? More like the Worst Man.

But Maid of Honor Franchesca takes her duties seriously. Kidnapped groom? She's got this. Rude attendees? You just watch her handle them. So a Best Man with a big attitude and an even bigger...checkbook? Yeah, there's no way she's going to let that pretentious, judgmental jackhole ruin her best friend's wedding. No matter how sexy he is. (Well, that's the plan anyway...)

Aiden Kilbourn doesn't do long-term relationships. He's busy ruling the business world, and has yet to find a woman he can tolerate for longer than a month, two at the outside, anyway. Conquering the unconquerable is basically his bread and butter. And he hasn't met a challenge that he can't win. But Franchesca Baranski? This smart-mouthed girl from Brooklyn may just be his downfall.

Did you think I’d stop giving just because you started?

So I just have to say: DAMMIT LUCY SCORE!! You’ve broken me. For real. I am in the habit of writing reviews pretty quickly upon finishing a book. I finished this book TWO WEEKS AGO and kept waiting for magical words to come so that I could write a review worthy of it. Guess what? They didn’t. So I have to rely on those plain Muggle- born, pedestrian words that are in my brain. And hopefully they will convey to you 1)just how much you will love these characters 2)the range of emotions that you will experience while reading this book and 3)how unbelievably versatile Ms. Score is as an author. 

Franchesca Baranski is loud. And confident. She’s strong and sassy. Independent and hard-working. Basically, she’s one kickass chick from Brooklyn. And she’s also loyal and one hell of a friend. Willing to put up with the vapid fakes that make up the rest of the bridal party of her best friend’s wedding, in order to make sure that the day can be as perfect as possible for charming supporting character, Pru. But for all of Frankie’s amazing and admirable qualities, she does have her faults. And pride tops the list.


Aiden Kilbourn is devastatingly handsome. Rich as Midas. And he exudes power in waves. He basically lives and breathes his job, although he makes exceptions when it comes to supporting his best friend, Chip. His relationships are basically business deals themselves. And when he wants something, he’s used to getting it.

With two such strong personalities, it’s no surprise that these two butt heads from the moment they meet. And oh, that delicious chemistry that bubbles underneath the very surface while zany and ridiculous events unfold at the destination wedding for their friends. Eventually it can no longer be contained, and yes, it is explosive and hot and everything you imagine and more. But Frankie doesn’t move in the world of power and money and she runs back to her comfort zone. Aiden won’t stand for it. And what ensues will have you feeling ALL of those feelings I mentioned before.

The cast of characters will have you alternately laughing (skeletal, overentitled hussies, a small child named Antonio, who drives a taxi through the Barbadian streets and later becomes a close friend of the family, and the Baranski family who are both the most insane and most supportive people ever), booing (Aiden’s self-involved father, psychotic half-brother, and delusional ex-step-mother), and swooning (Frankie’s BFF, Pru, and her now-husband, Chip and their love for each other and for their friends).

Frankie tosses out these zippy one-liners and Aiden says things that will make your heart both flutter and pump harder. Frankie will make Aiden work for it until she comes to a startling revelation. Aiden will undergo a surprising shift in his thinking and reevaluate his life goals. And the two of them will have you completely invested in their story and hoping for an epic HEA.

And Lucy Score once again, will not disappoint.