• Heart Words by Nora Everly
Heart Words Book Cover Heart Words
Sweetbriar Hearts (Book 2)
Nora Everly
Contemporary Romance
Independently Published
January 31st, 2020
ebook and paperback

She believes being alone is safer.

The last person Rose wants to see is the man who broke her heart.

Unfortunatly, his daughter is the newest and most adorable kindergartner in her class, and he is the newest, hottest, and most annoyingly determined cop in town.

He believes she's his dream come true.

Trevor knows how it looks. He screwed up. He has to make her understand and he's willing to grovel to make it happen.

Unfortunately, Rose buries feelings like it's her job, she's an expert at avoidance, and he is number one on her list of people to hide from.

With the flame that never died still flickering between them, and Trevor's past resurfacing to haunt him, can he win Rose's heart?

Is it possible to get a second chance when it felt like you never really took the first one?

 “She was in my life, in my space. She was a woman who deserved the world. The more I was around her, the more she drew me in.”                –Heart Words

Heart Words by Nora Everly is both sweet and full of delicious heat. A small town romance all about second chances and a love that hasn’t dimmed even when life tears two people apart. Heart Words will be sure to be your new Nora Everly favorite!

With only soon to be three books in her catalogue, Nora Everly is quickly becoming one of my favorite storytellers. Heart Words is Rosalie and Trevor’s story. Readers first caught a glimpse of these characters in the debut novel, In My Heart,which is about Rosalie’s sister Lily. This is actually one of my favorite things about Nora Everly as an author. She’s smart, she’s crafty, and she leaves these tantalizing little breadcrumbs about supporting characters that leaves you desperate for more. But this book, while full of amazing characters, is about how Rosalie opens her heart and how Trevor overcomes his fears.

Trevor and Rosalie’s story is the best kind of second-chance romance. The buildup of feelings between the two main characters is  full of the best kind of anticipation. Don’t worry, when the time comes Nora Everly serves up a full-serving of smoldering hot romance. With every turn of the page there is something there that will leave you wanting more from each delicious detail she leaves. I realize that I’m also teasing in this book review, but that is because you most definitely should read Heart Words for yourself.

Let’s review this review. Heart Words by Nora Everly has:

  • A spicy hot second-chance romance.
  • A small town full of fun, and irresistible characters.
  • Enticing plot twists that will enthrall you!
  • A swoon-worthy Happily Ever After.
  • Tantalizing teasing of more stories to come!

Available for e-book tomorrow (paperback is already available!), January 31st, 2020 Heart Words by Nora Everly can be read as a standalone, but honestly, go read In My Heart if you haven’t already! What’s better than one sweet book? That’s right, It’s two!