Calling Me Away was Calling ME!

After reading Calling me Back I immediately started reading Calling me away by louise Bay.  The need to know what happens  to Luke and Ashleigh was overwhelming. This book was a short read as well but still a good one just like the first.

As expected Ashleigh drove poor Luke crazy the entire time with her  endless back and forth

First she is like

Then she runs

Then she is going on about how she wants him but she cant because she is thinking about him and its always about his feelings and if he is ready blah blah COME ON ASH GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!

Thank Goodness Luke comes in and shuts it down. Yes everyone understands that you want to make sure you are not an easy option and that Luke has time to really live a little and come into his own, but…when you feels it you feels it.


Even with Ash’s back and forth reading Luke’s journey from his never changing routine was exciting and liberating.  His realization of his feelings for Ash was great and really reminded me of how those things kind of just happen.  I have never really read a book that had so many little experiences that I always had a hard time putting into words how they felt.  Like having your first kiss with someone and just having the feeling of yea this is nice but I got no spark.

All in all its a good book and definitely worth a read.


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