Calling Me Back By Louise Bay
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Calling me
Louise Bay
Louise Bay (September 11, 2015)
September 11, 2015

From USA Today bestselling Author Louise Bay comes a friends to lovers erotic romance.

Is it possible for a guy to turn on a switch and realize he’s been in love with a girl that’s been under his nose for over a decade? Ashleigh Franklin can’t decide.

Ashleigh wants the fairy tale. Ever since she was a kid, her best friend’s brother, Luke, has been her fantasy Prince Charming. Now he’s trying to convince her that she’s the one he’s wanted all these years. There’s no way it’s that easy to escape the friend zone.

Single after years living with a girlfriend, Luke has finally woken up. What he’s been waiting for has been right under his nose for almost his entire life. Can he persuade her that he’s serious and won’t break her heart?

A Wonder Woman costume, a bottle of tequila and a game of truth or dare between two close friends changes everything.

Calling Me Back is the first in a three part novella series.

Good things come to those who wait.

Calling me is the first book in the calling me series by Louise Bay and was also the first book that I have ever read by this author. I loved every second of this book. Even though it was a short book I thought that it was an easy fun read.

Ashleigh is best friends with Haven.  Haven has a brother named luke, apparently luke is hotter than sin and a lawyer who is about to become partner.  They all are very close, so close that they have  dinner every sunday and  know everything about each other.  Well almost everything Luke is oblivious to the fact that Ashleigh is in love with him and you can guess how the story goes from here.  


I had a few things that got me frustrated about the story.

Luke’s relationship with Emma, how in Gods name do you have a relationship with someone for over 3 years and not know that they wanted to get married and have kids? really Luke really!!? Then to top it off you want to have gripes about her brining it up out of nowhere. I understand that Luke does not do well with change but come on man!




Then we have Ashleigh.  I do realize that people settle in relationships all the time especially when you have someone in your life that loves you and gives you everything you could possible want…AND A SEXY DOCTOR.


when the opportunity arises that you are able to be with the one person that you have been in love with for most of your life, and compare every man you ever meet too.  Why  would you make things difficult?


Now for my favorites My favorites overall about the book:

The familiarity between the relationship of Ashleigh and Luke was great I could easily think back to when I felt the same way about a long time friend and never said anything about it (or vice versa).  Louise did a great job expressing the true struggle  you have when you want to date a good friend and in her case your BFF’s brother :).  The best part was the end of the book made me want to read more but I did not get the gut wrenching cliffhanger feeling at the end of the book just  the knowledge that I was going to go binge read all three of these books in one sitting 🙂
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