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On a Clear Winter Night Book Cover On a Clear Winter Night
Irin Chronicles
Elizabeth Hunter
Paranormal Romance
Elizabeth Hunter

Holiday price of only $0.99! Sale lasts through January 1st.

A very special holiday short story for readers of the Irin Chronicles

Join Ava, Malachi, and their friends for Midwinter holidays in Prague. The Irin might not celebrate Christmas, but that doesn’t mean Ava has to give up on the holidays. With her children on the way, nothing will stop the newest Irina from celebrating with her growing family. But will lingering doubts and worries about fatherhood let Malachi celebrate the way he wants?

On a Clear Winter Night is a short story set after the first three books of the Irin Chronicles.

honest reviewElizabeth Hunter Did What?!!!

Surprise Irin Chronicles Holiday Short Story Released!

I don’t know about you, but I definitely didn’t see this coming, but what a wonderful holiday gift to readers by releasing a special holiday edition to the Ava and Malachi saga, for only 99¢!

The book, entitled “On a Clear Winter Night”, is the sweet story of the wait for not one but two additions to the Irin family – the babies are coming.

Experience the Midwinter holidays with your favorite Irin characters, with a little traditional Christmas cheer for Ava’s sake.

This is a short story.  Do not expect a full-length book.  You should also not anticipate any serious arc drama or disasters, because though Elizabeth isn’t, as she says, “known for the warm and fuzzies”, you will find them in this delightful tale.

What I love MOST about this little escape is we see a little more of the warmer side of these characters, who spent three books facing incredible odds and a hard time coping, even with one another.

You just want to go find some holly boughs, a few cute babies and a hot guy to write all over your body.

Wait… that last one seems a little out of place.  Nevermind 😉

This is the perfect holiday read whilst sitting by the a roaring fire, sipping something delicious and listening to holiday tunes.  Trust me.

I really don’t think I could have loved this story any more than I did.  Get the Tall instead of the Grande today and buy yourself this delicious treat! 

Side note: I tend to love Elizabeth’s cover art, but isn’t this one particularly beautiful?  Of course, it’s even better if you get to go home to this cozy fire… and your warm drink… and the book…and maybe Malachi 😉

If you have not yet read the Irin Chronicles, start here.  You can also learn more about Elizabeth Hunter on her LitBuzz author page.