Lucky Devil Book Cover Lucky Devil
Cat Miller
Adult Contemporary Romance

In Sin City, Luc Christianson is the king of all things wicked. He’s a ruthless hotel and casino owner with an aversion to gamblers who risk more than they can afford to lose. His members only gambling and entertainment club caters to wealthy and occasionally careless Vegas regulars. In Luc's world there's no pity for the reckless when it’s time to up the ante.

Everly Parker is risking it all to save her family from ruin. Her father, an alcoholic with a gambling addiction, wagers the family cattle ranch on a game of cards and loses. It’s up to Everly to find a way to get back her family’s legacy.

Everly’s confrontation with the striking illegal club owner who now owns the ranch goes from bad to worse when she dares him to play her for the ranch. Winner takes all. She makes the tragic mistake of betting the one thing she can’t afford to lose. Herself.

Luc Christianson is Playing for Keeps…beesknees

Everly Parker is brazen, headstrong and naive, but she is also stubborn.  When faced with the arrogant and obnoxious Luc Christianson, she makes a grave mistake in bargaining against him, but sometimes you just have to take a leap.  Luc is all the things you want in the hot male lead – he’s, well, he’s hot. And he can’t seem to resist our protagonist, despite his utter revulsion with himself for putting them both in this situation.  He’s conflicted and flawed and loyal and loving… he’s better than he knows he is, and Everly knows it.

This book has surprisingly strong support staff.  The ancillary characters in this book – mainly Dolce – are begging for their own voices and they fill the paces in between with humor, friendship and love.

What does all this mean?  Well, in short, this book is everything you would want in a fun romantic read.  Though the premise is a bit hard to believe, you kinda want to jump a plane to Vegas when you finish, just to be sure.  I mean, if Luc Christianson is waiting for me, who is the Lucky Devil afterall?

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