The third story in the Natural History series by Erin Mallon
Sharkbait Book Cover Sharkbait
The Natural History Series
Erin Mallon
Contemporary Romance
Erin Mallon
September 15, 2022
Paperback, Ebook, Audio

My name is Louise, and I’m a serial-monogamist marine biologist.

Try saying that five times fast.

Fresh out of an awful relationship and tired of always doing the right thing, this girl is finally saying “screw it” and having herself a meaningless fling.

Here’s the thing about flings though: They only work if you keep feelings out of the equation.

Well, that won’t be a problem for a sensible scientist like me...that is, until a one-night stand with a hot single dad rocks my world and blows my plans completely out of the water.

If I’ve learned anything from the ocean world, it’s that those with the hardest shells have the most to fear. And something tells me this guy is going to crack mine wide the hell open.

Lean into being nerdy. Lean into all of those special little nuances that make you unique. There will only ever be one of you, so be the best version of you that you can be. 

“Sharkbait” is the best blend of nerdy science, contemporary romance, and laugh-out-loud dialogue and banter. This is the third book in the Natural History series, but you can read it as a stand-alone story.

Louise is a different kind of leading lady. She’s career driven and has spent the better part of her adult life planning out her next steps: college for her degree in Marine Biology, and then an internship in Florida where she’ll go on to learn from some of the best in the industry. James, on the other hand, is someone she never saw coming. He and Louise have a quick fling, and while Louise is clear she’s only looking for a one night stand, the universe had other ideas. Day after day, week after week, the universe plotted to throw James and Louise together. 

Local Setting

I don’t know about you, but I’m always thrilled to read books set in an area near where I live. There’s a feeling of connection that I have with settings close to home that make me feel even more invested in the plot of the story. Sharkbait, set in Philadelphia, makes me even more excited because as I drive through or nearby, I wonder constantly if James and Louise were there. Some of my other favorite books with settings close to home are the Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series. If you haven’t read them I recommend checking them out. Start with “One for the Money”.


Fun fact: I typically don’t listen to audiobooks unless I’ve already read them. I find it difficult sometimes to concentrate on the details if I’m listening because I get distracted by whatever else I’m doing on top of the audio. However, in this instance I jumped straight into the audio because of the narrators. Erin Mallon has narrated over 600 books, so narrating her own feels pretty self explanatory. 

Mallon’s voice makes me feel the words on my skin. I know that when her name is on a project, I’m going to enjoy it. 

Teddy Hamilton narrates James’ chapters. Friends, let me tell you that I would listen to Teddy Hamilton narrate the phone book or the dictionary. His voice is so soothing and mellow; I’d really love for him to tell me bedtime stories, too. 

I recommend you guys pick up “Sharkbait” in any format, but I know you won’t regret it if you pick up the audio. It’ll be a delight to your ears.