• Chimera
Chimera Book Cover Chimera
Weregirl Trilogy
C. D. Bell
Teen, fantasy, contemporary, shifter
November 1, 2017
Kindle, Hardcover

The second book in C. D. Bell's Weregirl trilogy, "November's Must-Read YA Book of the Month" - Teen Vogue.

The forest is full of secrets.

And who knows them better than Nessa Kurland, a sixteen-year-old cross-country star with a secret of her own: she can transform at will into a werewolf, and her power grows stronger with every moon.

Nessa returns home from a run with her pack to find an FBI raid and the shocking news that her mother, Vivian, is being arrested for violations so serious she may be facing life in prison. What did Nessa's mother, a small-town vet tech, do to threaten Homeland Security? Vivian's secret past leads Nessa to discover there is more to her story than she ever imagined.

The wolves that are running through Tether's woods are not the same pack Nessa knew before. These are not all natural wolves. And they are breeding.

As the lines between science, nature, and magic fade into one another, nothing is as it appears. And the wolves are not the only creatures in the woods.

Nessa's transformation is only just beginning...

Filled with romance, tragedy, perseverance, and adventure, C. D. Bell's CHIMERA is a breathtaking continuation of Nessa's story, as she confronts the truth of who she is, where she comes from, and what she has to do to survive.

Everything I hoped for and more!!!!

As a reader there is always a little bit of apprehension about reading the second book in a series that started out with a bang.  I can think of a number of sophomore publications that just didn’t live up to the whirlwind romance I had with the first book.  As a reader I want to see my favorite characters grow yet experience the same level of excitement that accompanied that initial introduction into the world or plot the author was creating.  Chimera by C.D. Bell did not dissappoint me.

Chimera picks up right were Weregirl leaves off; Nessa Kurland, a high school student who because of a wolf bite is able to transform into a wolf herself, is trying to piece together the events that have transpired as the result of uncovering the hidden work of Paravida, the “benevolent” chemical manufacturer that bought out the previous occupant of the local plant and assumed the clean up that had contaminated her small town of Tether, MI.  But just like in the first book, C.D. takes us on a thrilling ride of unexpected twists and turns.  I am still impressed that this YA book, while appropriate for teens, is not childish, but written in a way that even adults will be intrigued by the compelling story.  




I am also pleased by the development of the lead character, Nessa.  She is a great example of strong person who is intelligent and compassionate and determined to do the right thing, even if it means putting the needs of others before her own.  She is so authentic and real you can’t help but love her.  The supporting characters, Bree and Luc, are well-rounded and provide a great compliment to Nessa and the story.  Like pieces of a puzzle they make the story complete.



Like I shared in my review of Weregirl, the backstory of the development of this trilogy is really neat.   Employees at Chooseco created the story-line and characters as a creative group effort then enlisted C.D. to contribute her personal style to make their concept a written reality.  Their personal investment in the promotion is evident by their excitement to do a character interview with Bree, look for it to post soon, and giveaway.

Chooseco LLC

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