Unchained (Unquiet Series Book 3) by Kay Camden
Unchained Book Cover Unchained
Unquiet Series
Kay Camden
New Adult, Paranormal thriller, Native American fiction, Contemporary romance
Kay Cambden
August 9, 2022
Kindle Paperback

They’ve betrayed their worlds, but they will never betray each other. After Mick unearthed Waapikoona from the grave, he didn’t expect to lose her again to an unnatural endless slumber. Without her, he can’t navigate his new duties—and the chaos—she brought upon him. He can’t appeal to the great demon who can revive his baby niece from the dead. And he certainly can’t save the world. Waapikoona feels the underworld retreating from her bones, and it’s left her with more than just a nightmare. Not long ago she yearned to see the upperworld in flames. Now there’s too much for her to lose. Torn between two worlds, she must make a choice: join the mutiny against her creator or ally with Mick—and everything he stands for. Between underworld-corrupted sky and earth, in black water churning with demons, an eagle clashes with a great demon as an undead woman and her sister fight to save time itself.

Kay Camden brings us to a heart pounding ending with the third and final book of her Unquiet Series Unchained. This apocolyptic tale weaves together mankind’s past and future into a present battle for the fate of the world as we know it. Waapokina, an Indian woman who lived hundreds of years before and died, along with her younger sister Ciinkawia, a violent death at the hands of the white man, was brought back to life in the twentieth century by The Silent One. She existed in this new life as a vigilante, baiting the dregs of society and taking their lives to feed the demon their evil souls in exchange for the promise to raise her sister. But meeting Mick, a 20-something, working class mechanic who holds down a second job in a convenience store to help support his single-mother sister and her three kids, changes both their futures. Mick was willing to give his life to save her so she gave up her powers to give him an existance as a Thunder-being. Now that same Mighty Eagle may be the only creature capable of stopping an engorged demon of the underworld, determined to raise an undead army of Native Americans to destroy humanity forever.

Unchained is the perfect culmination to the conflict that had been building in the first two books of the series, Unquiet and Unbroken, between generations of flawed humans and a demonic being . While in many aspects this book is dark and violent, it is also a tale of hope and love. In my experience it is really hard to combine these two themes in a way that flows smoothly and doesn’t feel like one or the other is a forced addition to the story. Kay, however, has nailed it in Unchained!

“You’re the only one who’s ever really known me.” With him she was free. Unchained from the terrors of her past, present, and future. She could face anything with him by her side. She would not let this world take him away.”

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Unchained is a great suspense-filled story, with lots of action that is intertwined with Native American myth. The Thunder-Beings embodied in the great birds of the air was just one example of how the indigenous existence revolved around the earth and the creatures that resided there. One cannot life live and function without the other.

Ever since book 1 I have been intrigued by Waapikoona (Sarah) and the story of her past. The trials of her former life color the way she sees the world and impacts every decision that she makes. Her Native American experience is unique, though common among the indiginous North American tribes, in that it provides a different worldview from how the “white man” thinks, especially when it comes to loyalty and devotion.

“In her language there had been a word for this feeling, more heartfelt than anything she could think of in English. It was more than you’re welcome or my pleasure. It carried longevity, that it was one of many things a person would freely do, that it wouldn’t be the last, and it only skimmed the surface of how a person might serve another – not out of servititude, but love. Dying for someone was easy. Walking beside someone through life’s hardship and pain proved truest, unbreakable devotion. All of this, packed into one word she no longer remembered. I walk beside you always.”

Waapikoon finally realized that love has a way of transcending cultures and even time, especially when it looked as if Mick and the life they were creating would be ripped away from them.

The whole Unquiet Series has been five stars for me and I strongly encourage you to delve into it yourselves. Kay is an indy, self-published author and I love being able to promote and support those who are writing for the love of telling stories while putting out such great works. You can find all three books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many of your favorite book sites.

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