The Historical Retelling all Penny Reid Fans Need!
Neanderthal Seeks Duchess Book Cover Neanderthal Seeks Duchess
London Ladies Embroidery (Book 1)
Laney Hatcher
Historical Romance, Regency Romance
Smartypants Romance
May 5, 2022
ebook, paperback

There are three things you need to know about Lady Jane Morrison:
1. She frequently finds herself the talk of the ton and for all the wrong reasons.
2. A dashingly mysterious gentleman has caught her attention and even more dangerous...she has caught his.
3. She’s rubbish at embroidery.

After scandalous events during the London season, Lady Jane is attracting the wrong kind of attention. Her reputation is at risk as well as all her carefully laid plans for the future. And for better or worse, a chance encounter with a mysterious lord sets forth a series of events that will change their lives forever.

Neanderthal Seeks Duchess: A Smartypants Romance Out Of This World Title’, is a Penny Reid Universe reimagining, where the characters of Janie Morris and Quinn Sullivan from the Knitting in the City Series have been reimagined as existing in Regency England. It is a full-length historical romance, can be read as a standalone, and is book #1 in the London Ladies Embroidery series, Smartypants Romance Out of this World, Penny Reid Book Universe.

“I didn’t know this man leading me through hallways. But I did know he was a gentleman and his offer of escape was well-timed. One does not look a gift lord in the mouth.”

Calling all historical romance lovers! Neanderthal Seeks Duchess by Laney Hatcher is the historical romance retelling of Penny Reid’s first novel, Neanderthal Seeks Human, and is absolutely going to blow every expectation you had out of the water.

Not only is Neanderthal Seeks Duchess a beautifully written historical romance on its own, but Laney Hatcher also effortlessly transports our favorite OG Penny Reid leading ladies from the Knitting in the City series of modern-day Chicago quite seamlessly into the romance and lavishness of 19th century London society. Following the plot of Neanderthal Seeks Human, we first meet our heroine, Jane, in quite a predicament. She’s torn her dress in the midst of a ball and seeks an opportunity to withdraw herself for the evening without drawing any unwanted attention. Enter our mysterious and chivalrous hero. Dubbed “Lord Dashing” by Jane, he selflessly gives up his own carriage for Jane to avoid any further embarrassment. What an absolute gentleman. Give me more.

“And the feel of his hand in mine, the strength in his arms, and his confident guidance as we moved…I was having trouble concentrating. His touch would be my downfall.”

Here begins the story of how Lord Dashing, later known as “Q” to Jane starts a friendship with her that quickly leads to the employment opportunity for Jane.  You see, Jane needs to use her impressive mathematics skills to balance the books of Q’s recently acquired gambling hall. Their friendship of course leads to a courtship which reads a lot like a gorgeously choreographed dance between Jane and Q. Laney Hatcher has captured the quirks and effervescence that make up Penny Reid’s characters and translated them all effortlessly into elite London society. Q, later revealed to be Quinton has his hands full with keeping Jane safe, safeguarding his true identity, and all the while taking down some of the most unsavory parts of London society. I adored how Jane and Quinton’s romance plays out. The twists and turns had me riveted, but it was their palpable attraction that had me unable to put this book down. 

Between the introductions to the dynamics of Jane’s friendships with the other ladies of her embroidery group, and the glimpses into what is to come makes me hope that every single book in the Knitting in the City series will be retold into this world. The absolute full-body swooning I did every time Q laid his heart out to Jane so that she would completely understand exactly how committed he is to her makes Neanderthal Seeks Duchess exactly the type of book-catnip that will get readers addicted to Laney Hatcher’s brand of storytelling. Hello, Laney Hatcher? You absolutely slayed this retelling.

“One only has to speak to you, to know that you are uniquely your own person. I was intrigued and enchanted. Confused, yes. But completely captivated.”

Neanderthal Seeks Duchess is available today on all retailers except Amazon today, but in just two days it will exclusively found on Amazon! Trust me when I tell you that this is a must-read historical romance for all Penny Reid fans! Congrats to Laney Hatcher on a gorgeous debut, I look forward to many more books to come!