Full of Twists and Beautifully Written Emotion!
Sealed in Sin Book Cover Sealed in Sin
The Vessel Trilogy (Book 2)
Juliette Cross
Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance
Juliette Cross Publishing LLC
February 7, 2022

Sometimes sin feels an awful lot like heaven.

One demon prince may be festering in the bowels of hell, but Genevieve's troubles are far from over. Prince Bamal, demon lord of New York City, still wants her. But this time, he wants her alive, to control her inherent power as a Vessel of Light.

With Jude Delacroix off searching for the prophecy, a guardian angel with sea-green eyes and mysterious intent steps into the gap, offering her the power to protect herself. And more. While Gen's love for Jude is true, Thomas stirs a desire where there should be none. Thomas also knows Jude's darkest secret and plans to use it to win Gen for his own.

While her Vessel power grows and more demon spawn creep from every dark corner of the world, one thing is certain--the Great War between the angels and demons is quickly approaching. And Gen is in a race against time to awaken her full power before the storm breaks.

“Where do you think demons hang out during the day? Applebees?”

Sealed in Sin by Juliette Cross is the second book in The Vessel Trilogy and while the first book introduces the world of angels and demons to Genevieve Drake, this book sets the stage and ups the ante on the risks associated with being the Vessel in the Great War between Light and Dark.

College life shouldn’t be this difficult for Genevieve. I really feel for her. Not only does she have to juggle a few millennia’s worth of anger and tension between the demon world and the angels who are tasked to vanquish them, but she also has to come to terms with her role in the impending war as well as her growing feelings for Jude Delacroix as well as coming face to face with her Guardian Angel, Thomas.

“I’m a patient man, mon coeur.”

That’s a lot to handle. Genevieve is still young. I admire the fact that Juliette really plays into how volatile Genevieve’s emotions are not only because of her age but because of everything that is being asked of her. Being a “chosen one” isn’t easy, nor should it be conveyed as such. I really related to Genevieve’s warring feelings on both Jude and Thomas. This isn’t really a love triangle, so readers who shy away from those tropes will be safe, but this is a matter of good guys appearing bad and bad guys who appear good.

I also think that the influx of new information that we as readers learn about this amazing world is cleverly juxtaposed by Genevieve’s naivete. Sealed in Sin ends in a way that I think will make some of the newer readers anguish, but never fret when Juliette Cross is at the helm. The ending in Sealed in Sin perfectly sets up what will surely be a thrilling conclusion to The Vessel Trilogy that will no doubt leave us all glued to the pages until the very final word.