A Marriage of Convenience Romance but so much more!
Homecoming King Book Cover Homecoming King
Three Kings (Book 1)
Penny Reid
Holiday Romance, Sports Romance, Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
December 14, 2021
ebook, paperback

Rex “TW” McMurtry’s perpetual single-hood wouldn’t bother him so much if all his ex-girlfriends didn’t keep marrying the very next person they dated, especially when so many of those grooms are his closest friends. He may be a pro-football defensive end for the Chicago Squalls, but the press only wants to talk about how he’s always a groomsman and never a groom. Rex is sick of being the guy before the husband, and he’s most definitely sick of being the best man at all their weddings.

Bartender Abigail McNerny is the gal-pal, the wing-woman, the she-BFF. She’s dated. Once. And once was more than enough. Privy to all the sad stories of her customers, ‘contentment over commitment’ is her motto, and Abby is convinced no one on earth could ever entice her into a romantic relationship . . . except that one guy she’s loved since preschool.

The guy who just walked into her bar.

The guy who doesn’t recognize her.

The guy who is drunk and needs a ride home.

The guy who has a proposition she should definitely refuse.

“I’d taken to saying Thank you, it has pockets as a means of dealing with the discomfort caused by unexpected compliments.”

Homecoming King by Penny Reid was the exact book I needed, released at the exact right time, and hit all the right emotions for me in perfect succession. There is a reason as to why I chose this book as my favorite of 2021 for the annual LitBuzz Buzzies. Penny Reid’s storytelling in Homecoming King felt familiar but comforting—like a warm hug, wrapped in a down blanket, with cozy socks on your toes on a crisp winter’s night.

Abby is a character that I wish I could pluck from Penny’s mind and have a conversation in real life. She’s honest and earnest. She’s beguiling and so hopeful. Her past has shaped her but hasn’t changed her, and I truly adore that she remains true to herself regardless of everything that Rex offers her.

“You have to admit, hot guys have hot guy problems, which are like first world problems on steroids.”

Rex. What can I say about Rex? He’s your high school crush and your broody romance novel hero in one hulking linebacker of a man. Rex will charm you—especially with the way he just is so obviously over the moon for Abby. He’s also desperate to erase his ridiculous nickname and a marriage of convenience to Abby may be his ticket off everyone’s gossip radar.

Friends, we all know what happens when two characters are so blissfully ignorant as they enter into a fake relationship—they always fall for each other, but it’s the fall that is so utterly delicious for us readers. Abby and Rex have so much sexual tension…it’s scorching hot. Their texts,every event, and each interaction they have made me swoon that much harder. But I knew I was a goner when Abby’s past showed up at the bar, and Rex swooped in like the glorious White Knight that he is.

“No Abigail, Rex McMurtry is not here to read quietly next to you on a couch, kiss your face off, and have sex on every available surface of your apartment. This is not a high school musical porno, and you can’t sing for shit.”

This may be a “holiday romance” but honestly, I can see this one being read year ‘round by yours truly, with equal amounts of glee in April as there was in December just after release day because I am absolutely that gone for anything Penny Reid. I can also tell you that Homecoming King is now by absolute favorite story from Penny Reid and that dethrones the reigning Winston Brothers (I know, it may be sacrilegious to utter, but it’s true) from their heavyweight title. Abby and Rex’s romance made me smile, made me swoon, and honestly made me absolutely giddy for the next two stories to come.

Do not hesitate on this fantastic new release! Available now, you should absolutely read Homecoming King immediately and…it even has pockets.