Fa-La-La Lots of Stay a Spell Goodness!
Walking in a Witchy Wonderland: A Holiday Anthology Book Cover Walking in a Witchy Wonderland: A Holiday Anthology
Stay a Spell
Juliette Cross
Romance Anthologies
October 5th
ebook, paperback, audiobook

Getting hexy for the holidays!

Mischief and mayhem dominate the holiday season for the Savoie sisters of New Orleans. Five sexy stories set in the STAY A SPELL world you don’t want to miss.

Bewitch You A Merry Christmas: Always the peacemaker, Evie conjures Christmas magic between a hexed hottie and his witchy neighbor, while Mateo and Alpha plan to do whatever it takes to get some alone time with their girl.

Rockin’ Around The Hexmas Tree: A Dirty Santa gift with a very special hex boosts Devraj and Isadora’s sex life from sizzling hot to scorching.

Jingle Bell Jock: On New Year’s Eve, a new man puts the moves on Charlie. Tired of pining for his best friend, he’s ready to move on. Fortunately, JJ’s jealousy is just the right ingredient to move them well out of the friend zone.

You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grim: Her first glimpse of grim reaper Gareth Blackwater evokes a major case of insta-hate in Lavinia. In that same moment, Gareth is hit with insta-lust. Fate is playing with them both, and neither one is happy about it.

Jingle Spells: Nico and Violet laugh their way through their first babysitting adventure. But laughter turns to lust when Nico’s “dad” vibes tug on Violet’s maternal heartstrings.

A beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight, Walking in a Witchy Wonderland!

Walking in a Witchy Wonderland by Juliette Cross is a collection of five short stories set within the Stay a Spell world that will give readers unexpected holiday delight with a heavy amount of spice. Each short story is a snapshot in the lives of the featured couples with a seasonal twist.

“It was like a French cologne ad had sex with a rock video. And their baby was standing at my door, giving me a you’re-going-to-go-up-in-flames-in-my-bed-tonight look.”

Evie and Mateo’s short story will have you simultaneously giggling and fanning yourself. I love that Alpha makes a reappearance and that he and Mateo are determined to get some alone time with their lady. Evie makes her man (and wolf) work for her attention as she juggles a neighbor dispute and a party for her sisters.

Isadora and Devraj’s interlude is naughty, oh so nice, and full of spice! This one had me saying “Ho Ho Ho-ly Smokes!” After a game of White Elephant, these two can’t keep their…hands… off each other. What’s a couple to do with a bunch of meddling sisters? This one will have you speed reading and re-reading because you absolutely need this spicy holiday short story!

“My love,” he said softly with a little raspy darkness, his eyes glinting silver. “It isn’t wise to look at me that way. Unless you’re sending me an invitation.”

Charlie and JJ’s story is the one that I most anticipated! Through the first three books of the Stay a Spell series, we get glimpses of their simmering friends to lovers romance. This is the goods, folks! Their short story is full of hope, full of longing, and full of all the goodness that is a great friendship brought to the next level. I adored this M/M romance and I can’t wait to read more about JJ and Charlie in future books!

What’s so grim about the holidays? Nothing at all, unless you’re an actual Grim and you’ve entered into a competition with a Savoie sister. Gareth and Lavinia are pitted against each other to pitch their marketing skills for a new job opportunity…only to find themselves on the same team. Their short story is only the beginning! This is a tease for their upcoming full-length novel and I absolutely cannot wait for all the enemies to lovers goodness that will no doubt have us all swooning.

He paused, and I couldn’t breathe as his faze dropped to my mouth. “But the watcher knows that if he ever made his fantasy a reality, if he touched those stars, he’d be scorched to nothing but ash.”

To wrap up this Holiday party, Nico and Violet are tasked with babysitting for their nieces and nephews! While these two are totally happy on their own, Violet can’t help but notice how wonderful Nico is with the kids. Violet is helpless against Nico’s dad vibes and who can blame her? It definitely won’t be me. Nico and Violet’s short story is the perfect sweet note to wrap up this gift from Juliette Cross to her readers!

If I could be adopted into a fictional family, I would want to be a Savoie sister. Walking in a Witchy Wonderland has just enough teasingly delightful glimpses into each of the sisters that should allow us all some breathing time before clamoring for the next Stay a Spell book.

Walking in a Witchy Wonderland is live today! Be sure to grab your copy or if audiobooks are your jam—the narrated version is live today as well! Happy Release Day, Juliette Cross!