• Unexpected Love in the Scottish Highlands
The Earl of Christmas Past Book Cover The Earl of Christmas Past
A Goode Girls Romance (Book 5)
Kerrigan Byrne
Historical Romance, Victorian Romance
Oliver Heber Books
December 01, 2020
ebook, audiobook

There’s no room at the Inn…

Sprightly Victorian spinster, Vanessa Latimer, is stranded for the holidays in the Scottish Highlands by a relentless winter blizzard. She takes refuge at a centuries-old inn where the only available room is haunted by the ghost of a warrior who fell at Culloden Moor.

One who refuses to give up his side of the bed.

Johnathan de Lohr awakens to find a siren bathing in the chamber of sorrows that keeps his restless spirit imprisoned. Though he’s the ghost, John knows that the captivating woman will be the one to haunt him.

Unless they can figure out a way to set his tormented soul free.

Please note: This novella is also connected to The Victorian Rebels Series

“His kiss was a sweet violence. Both a conquest and a claiming.”  

The Earl of Christmas Past by Kerrigan Byrne could easily be the most enchanting novella that I’ve read this holiday season. With a plucky heroine and a dreamy Earl who haunts a room in a Scottish Inn, The Earl of Christmas Past has stolen my heart.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’ve only just begun to discover my love of regency romance. With that being said, The Earl of Christmas Past is the first story by Kerrigan Byrne that I’ve read, and I can assure you that it won’t be the last. I adore stories that have strong narratives, especially with heroines that are equally as formidable.

Vanessa Goode is that kind of a character. What’s a gal to do when she’s stranded in a snowstorm and her carriage driver has up and disappeared? She walks to the nearest inn and negotiates for their last room. I think what I love most about Vanessa is that once she comes face to face with the ghost that is haunting her bedroom, she isn’t scared. Like any great Victorian enlightened woman, she’s elated!

Poor Johnathan de Lohr. Struck down in his prime on the Culloden Moor while fighting a war in which he was honor bound to participate. For the last 150 years he has been haunting an Inn nowhere near where he died.  It would be just his luck that he meets the woman of his dreams when there’s no way on earth that he would be able to be with her…or is there? John is a dreamy hero. When faced with Vanessa, he truly knows how to woo a lady. He is truly a man that transcends time because he sees past all social constructs and instead follows his heart. What a grand hero indeed!

I cannot tell you enough how much I adored this novella, and I can absolutely see why all my bookish friends have swooned over this sweet romance! It isn’t every day that a ghost romance can end in truly wonderful Happily Ever After, but this one does! Kerrigan Byrne has definitely gained another fan in me. Available in ebook, and audiobook if you prefer to listen, The Earl of Christmas Past is a must-read recommendation!