Totally Addicting, Full of Emotion!
Hopelessly Devoted Book Cover Hopelessly Devoted
Scorned Women's Society (Book 3.5)
Piper Sheldon
Multicultural Romance, LGBTQ Romance, Contemporary Romance
Smartypants Romance
October 12th, 2021
ebook, paperback

Skip has one goal: retrieve his romantically reckless best friend from Green Valley, Tennessee and get back to their normal life. Then Skip meets Jack. The handsome and caring stranger is just another distraction from his careful plans.

Jack has dealt with more than his fair share of troubled men and is done with letting his guard down. When he meets walking red flag, Skip, he knows he should run the opposite direction and ignore their chaotic attraction.

Only, fate seems to have other plans when they are stuck on a camping trip together. Jack and Skip are convinced they can put their attraction aside and focus on helping their friends.
One quick trip, one shared tent, what could possibly go wrong?

‘Hopelessly Devoted’ is a contemporary romance novella and can be read as a standalone. Book #3.5 in the Scorned Women’s Society series, Green Valley Chronicles, Penny Reid Book Universe.

“This guy broke my fucking heart. I wanted to tell him just to let it all out, give into the pain, but my gut told me that would cause him to shirk back into himself.”

Hopelessly Devoted by Piper Sheldon is a new novella and latest release in the Smartypants Romance Fall 2021 lineup. While part of the Scorned Women Society series, Hopelessly Devoted is the story of how fan-favorites William and Jack get their HEA.

This review comes with a warning: be prepared to have Olivia Newton-John’s rendition of the title stuck in your head for days on end. Having an unforgiving earworm is absolutely worth the risk when it comes to reading this M/M novella. Piper had mentioned that Skip and Jack’s story poured out of her while she was writing The One That I Want, so she basically wrote both stories simultaneously.

“But it wasn’t just how achingly sexy he was. He was here. He sought me out when he saw I was in trouble. He stayed with me at my worst moment.”

These character’s demand for their story to be told is evident in how vibrant each of these men are on the page. Reading this novella packs the same emotional punch as a full-length book. As I read it, it felt like all of the emotions were dialed up to an eleven, and I was experiencing the book in technicolor. William/Skip and Jack are two men who come from similar backgrounds, have similar circumstances but are completely different yet totally perfect for each other. I love a well-crafted opposites attract romance, and when you pair it with a forced proximity storyline? Even better!

“Consent is the bare minimum. Enthusiastic consent, that’s the aim.”

William/Skip and Jack reminded me of magnets. Easily drawn together but if they are approached in the wrong way, they also repel the one that is drawn to them the most. I craved scenes with both men together, but the scenes that featured the Triple F boys were some of the most memorable. I like that this romance isn’t just about finding your person and falling in love, but it’s also about forgiving yourself and finding love from within. Healing, love, and resolution to conflicts often work hand in hand—Hopelessly Devoted shows that friendship and obligation only go so far, but love is a balm that can heal all wounds.

This story is easily a highlight for me. Hopelessly Devoted is one of those stories that I can easily see myself revisiting time and time again. Piper Sheldon’s talent is seemingly endless! I hope you give this wonderful novella a try as it releases October 12th, before entering KU on the 14th!