• An Angsty, Contemporary Romance with Mafia Drama
Kings of Midnight Book Cover Kings of Midnight
The Midnight Saga (Book 1)
J.Q. Anderson
Contemporary Romance
J.Q. Anderson
October 5, 2020
ebook and paperback

Camila’s world is ballet. The daughter of one of Argentina’s most legendary primas, she fights against her mother’s legacy, striving to be recognized for her own talent at Buenos Aires’s most prestigious ballet company.
Sebastián is a successful architect with insanely hot looks and a dark side: his last name is known as one of the most powerful and dangerous in Argentina. The Palacios control the docks, influential politicians, and an underground network of organized crime.
Camila and Sebastián live in opposite worlds until, one morning, a fallen ballet slipper brings them together. The attraction is instant, intense, overpowering; and Camila’s young heart can’t turn away. Against all odds, they try to overcome the forces pulling them apart, but ultimately Camila has to choose between reaching her dreams as a dancer or following her heart into the dark world of the mafia.
Kings of Midnight is a standalone novel, and also Book One of The Midnight Saga. This contemporary romance is an entangled love story that will play with the reader's pulse as they explore the twisted turns of true love, erotic passion, and the price of following your own dreams.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Graham

Kings of Midnight is the first book in a new saga from breakout author, J.Q. Anderson. Set in the vibrant city of Buenos Argentina, Kings of Midnight tells the story of ballet ingénue, Camila, while she navigates the dynamic world of professional ballet in the illustrious Teatro Colón Company.

Kings of Midnight is a misleading title. While Kings of Midnight as a title is a direct reference to the mysterious and alpha-type hero that sweeps Camila off her feet, the story J.Q. Anderson weaves is an epic contemporary romance story of how Camila balances her first love, her professional career, and all the complications that inevitably plague life’s big decisions.

The aspect of Kings of Midnight that truly stole the show is the dedication to the description of ballet life in Argentina. The author will undoubtedly make you want to travel to Argentina. With all of the wonderfully detailed descriptions of the city, the food, and the atmosphere that in between chapters I spent time looking up pictures of downtown Buenos Aires, the Teatro Colón, and all the gorgeous landscape pictures that I could find.

While I think Kings of Midnight could have easily been condensed with condensing some of the repetition of dramatic elements, I did enjoy this story once I realized that it’s not a mafia romance, nor is it a dark romance. Camila’s love with Sebastian isn’t hinged upon his family’s ties to the mafia, though the mafia does eventually cause drama for both of them. Overall, Camila has to learn to trust her instincts and herself in order to find her happily ever after, and I was more than pleased with the conclusion of this romance story.

If you’re looking to get lost in an exotic, and description-filled contemporary romance, then look no further! Kings of Midnight is available now in Kindle Unlimited!