Midnight Prince (Blackthorne Bloodlines Book 1) by Kim Loraine
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Midnight Prince Book Cover Midnight Prince
Blackthorne Bloodlines #1 (The Blackthorne Vampires Book 4)
Kim Loraine
Paranormal Romance
March 16, 2020

Our story begins the same as any ill-fated romance. Two households, two families, two species that should never be together.
These are the recipe for tragic, beautiful love, fated to end in flames.

She is my doom. She is my destiny. Unavoidable, impossible to deny, and painful to ignore.

They call me Bastard Prince, a half-breed unworthy of a true title. But I still have to follow the rules. Serve the Blackthorne vampire bloodline.

A shifter and a vampire are forbidden to be together. The law declares it so. But Briar is mine, and I’ll fight family and constitution to the death in order to keep her.

Midnight Prince is the first of an all new series in the Blackthorne Vampires world. It contains a CLIFFHANGER and CAN BE READ without reading The Blood Trilogy, but it's recommended to read all three previous books (Blood Captive, Blood Traitor, Blood Heir) to avoid any minor spoilers.

Kim Loraine is forever and always one of my “one-click auto buys”, and Midnight Prince has only reinforced her place on my favorites list. This book sent me through the wringer in the best way… it was a delicious slow burn full of love, loss, and heartbreak that made me feel ALL THE THINGS!

Lucas, ever the wild and untamed Blackthorne, is the ultimate Bad Boy with a past. Heartless and cruel after heartbreak, he doesn’t care about anyone or anything anymore. I fell in love with Lucas and his struggles. He is the bad boy with a soft heart, especially when it comes to the woman who claims his heart.

Briar at first seems like an unlikely match for our tortured hero, but she quickly proved me wrong with her fight, her sass and her willingness to defy those that held her back. This beautiful, rebellious, wild soul. She is strong and resilient; she fights and is loyal to herself and those she cares deeply for. She is without a doubt a “lovely wild wolf”.

Their story asks the ultimate question, can a forbidden love between a vampire and wolf flourish amidst all the darkness and obligations that surround them? Will love conquer all or will pack and family obligations decimate everything else?

I loved exploring Lucas’s history. He intrigued me In the first three books in the series, and I have to admit I was nervous of where his story was headed. At the end, I thought I couldn’t be more heartbroken for him but that is blatantly untrue. Midnight Prince is heartbreaking and compelling in its entirety. The chemistry and soul deep love that Briar and Lucas shared was absolutely stunning. I was literally swooning all over the place.

“I will. I swear to you, everything I know you will. Everything we do, we’ll do together. I will not leave you to wade through this alone. You are mine to protect and cherish.”
“And you’re mine.”

Kim Loraine is beyond talented and I look forward to getting lost in her worlds with every new release, and I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series!
Side note: Midnight Prince is with the narrator as we speak and this just may be one of my most anticipated audiobooks of the year so far! Stay tuned for an updated review once the audiobook releases!