• The Girl Who Cried Captive (Of Fates and Fables Book 2) by Heather Hildenbrand and Bam Shepherd
The Girl Who Cried Captive Book Cover The Girl Who Cried Captive
Of Fates and Fables Book 2
Heather Hildenbrand and Bam Shepherd
New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Werewolf Shifter
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February 18,2020

Romy thought that being kidnapped by a pack of douchebag werewolves was the worst thing that could happen to her. Turns out she's the worst thing that could've happened to them.

Romy isn't going to let a little something like getting kidnapped get her down. She's determined to turn the tables on her captors. Using her wits and somewhat questionable charm, Romy uses her time in captivity to learn her captors secrets.

But the secrets she discovers still hold her captive. Can she find a way to save more than herself? Or will the secrets she learned hold her prisoner long after she’s escaped?

When your best friend steels the show…   

The Girl Who Cried Captive is book 2 in Heather Hildenbrand and Bam Shepherd’s new series Of Fates and Fables.  It picks up exactly where book 1 left you hanging with a high intensity cliffhanger – Romy has been knocked out and taken captive.  When she finally becomes lucid she realizes that she has been taken captive by the rogue werewolves.  It quickly becomes apparent that no one will find her and none of the choices for her release: lead the bad werewolves to Kash or be turned into a werewolf loyal to them, are in anyway appealing. So she does what any seasoned social media influencer would do – put on her big girl panties and figure out how to get herself out of this mess, with the help of her handy dandy poop bucket.  Her escape emboldens her to attempt to rescue the other captive girls she learned about while being held hostage.  With a friend like Talia the rogue werewolves don’t stand a chance, if she can convince Kash to ever let her out of his sight.

The Girl Who Cried Captive continues Heather and Bam’s theme of a snarky paranormal romance with hot werewolf shifters and bffs.  When Romy’s life veers off into the paranormal world she inadvertently pulls Talia and Anna, her roommates and best friends, with her.  For Anna it’s overwhelming, but for Talia it’s an excuse to let loose the ninja/gangster talents she has been hiding all these years.  Now she is certifiably the most bad*ass, in talk and action, of the three, which is definitely ok with Romy.  Talia plays a much bigger role in book 2 which I think it is a great addition to the storyline.

Heather and Bam are creative, crazy, and snarky in their own right and this is just increased exponentially with their collaboration in Of Fates and Fables. It is a fun read with just the right amount intensity, romance, and great girlfriend interaction.  The ending of book 2 is way less traumatic than book 1, thank goodness, and elevates a thread that has been floating in the background from the beginning.  I’m definitely intrigued and excited for book 3, The Girl Who Cried War, which will be released on March 3, 2020.