• Vampire Debt: Supernatural Battle (Vampire Towers Book 2) by Kelly St. Clare
Vampire Debt: Supernatural Battle Book Cover Vampire Debt: Supernatural Battle
Vampire Towers
Kelly St. Clare
Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Vampires, Romance
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January 14, 2020

Vampire royals strategise at 2 am.

Last week, I inherited every cent of the multi-billion-dollar Le Spyre estate.

But tequila is far easier to swallow than the coincidence of my beloved grandmother’s death.

I’m over this supernatural game, yet walking away from Kyros isn't simple with the damn mate thing on the cards.

The Indebted need my help. My grandmother deserves justice. And, uhm, the third blood exchange did something to me.

It's official. I’m done playing by paranormal rules. I’m making my own—and playing to win. Because if I enter Ingenium on my terms, there's no turning back.

Winning is the only option.

You ain’t seen nothin yet!…. 

If you thought Blood Trial: Supernatural Battle, book 1 of Kelly St. Clare’s Vampire Towers series, left you in angst… it’s nothing compared to what she will put you through in Vampire Debt: Supernatural Battle (Vampire Towers Book 2)!

Basi wants to live her life on her own terms, not those defined by the fact that she is heir to one of the largest fortunes and granddaughter to one of the commanding figures in their community.  Her attempt at changing her identity and making it on her own lands her squarely in the midst of a life-sized game of monopoly between two warring vampire families and awakens the mate bond of one family’s crown prince.  After a series of traumatic events reinstate her as head of her family’s empire, Basi realizes that if she is to survive and find true love and happiness she must embrace her birthright. She resolves…

With things getting real, it’s time to outplay the players!

While Blood Trial did not start out as a tension filled heart-stopper it built to a stunning cliff-hanger.  Kelly decided that Vampire Debt would pick-up where book 1 left off and provide even more fast-paced action and smoldering sexual tension, which did not seem possible.  Basi comes into her own and takes charge of controlling her future and hopefully the outcome of Ingenium, the game of control of the city where winner takes all, including the lives of all the opposing team vampires.  She may not know how to drive a car, having been chauffeured her entire life, but when it comes to power plays and politics she realizes she can play with the big boys, and play she does!

The undeniable blood attraction between Basi and Kryos and their inability to honestly come to terms and work through it is gut-wrenching! Kelly is a master at conveying emotion and angst through the pages of her books and Vampire Debt will run you through the gamut by the time it is all said and done. She is also not content to let you off easy with this ending but leaves you feeling like you have been put through the emotional wringer. 


Thank goodness Death Game: Supernatural Battle (Vampire Towers Book 3) releases March 1, 2020.