A Ridiculously Addictive, Inclusive, Monster Romance
The Beauty and the Orcs Book Cover The Beauty and the Orcs
Orc Sworn
Finley Fenn
Fantasy Romance, Monster Romance, Paranormal Romance
Independently Published
June 9, 2023
kindle, paperback

She was ruined by an orc. Now his enraged ex wants to finish the job…

In a world of orcs and powerful men, Kitty Clarendon is a bubbly, beautiful woman about town — until she’s dumped by her benefactor, and thrown onto the streets. And as she’s drowning her sorrows, she meets… an orc.

He’s rash, reckless, and on the rebound — but his laugh is contagious, his touch warm and wicked. And for one perfect, forbidden night, he’s all Kitty’s darkest dreams come true…

But by morning, there’s only shame. Regret. And the orc quickly makes his escape, abandoning Kitty to a devastating discovery…

She’s been compromised. With his… orcling.

But the orc never returns, and Kitty is left ill, impoverished, and hopeless. Until finally, another orc finds her. Varinn, of Clan Grisk.

The first orc’s best friend.
And… his very recent ex.

Varinn can’t hide his jealousy, or his bitter, broken rage — but he refuses to leave Kitty behind. And soon she’s under his stern supervision, and on her way to Orc Mountain. Back to the orc who so cruelly spurned her. The orc who’s been losing his own battles, and still longs for Varinn’s firm handling… and his heart.

And can Kitty bring two hostile, heartbroken orcs back together, for her orcling’s sake? Or will they break her own heart, too?


An angsty, full-length, enemies to lovers fantasy romance. Comes after The Governess and the Orc, but also reads as a standalone. Happily ever after guaranteed.

“Kitty still couldn’t detect any anger or mockery in his voice, only that same calm, steady certainty. As if…he really meant this. The Grisk cared for their own. Including her, and her son.”

The Beauty and the Orcs by Finley Fenn is her latest release in the Orc Sworn series, and for an already sexually-friendly book, Kitty, Thrain, and Varinn help to introduce a whole new inclusiveness to Orc Mountain.

Let’s start by clearing out the obvious: yes, Finley Fenn writes Orc romance. Think of them not like the ones from J.R.R. Tolkien, but large grey or green versions of Ruby Dixon’s Barbarians. Except our Orcs don’t have tails or spurs, instead they have a hearty sexual appetite, a breeding kink, and due to the fact that they are excellent lovers, they also have the misfortune of being held in contempt by human men. They are large, well-endowed, muscular males who unfortunately never produce females of their kind, therefore need human females to help keep their kind alive.

Perfect, Varinn had said, mine. Both of you.”

Thus is the basic premise for each of Finley Fenn’s Orc Sworn books. The Beauty and the Orcs starts off introducing us to our female main character, Kitty. When we are first introduced to Kitty, we discover that she’s getting the boot from her partner, Charles. Kitty has been his companion in order to better Charles’ numerous business dealings in exchange for basic necessities. Nothing like a pretty face to grease the wheels of upper crust misogyny.

After a drunken encounter with a gorgeous Orc who also happens to be a generous lover, Kitty finds herself ill, and ultimately homeless. With no other options, she makes her way, on foot, to Orc Mountain in order to seek out her mysterious Orc lover. Instead, she encounters his own partner and best friend, Varinn.

It’s in this dynamic that The Beauty and the Orcs truly held my heart. Kitty, as a woman of purchase (if you catch my drift), decides that pledging her fealty to Varinn is in the best interest of herself and the life of her unborn orcling son. While Varinn grapples with his partner Thrain’s unfaithfulnessl while under the influence, he can’t help but feel something for Kitty. It’s their partnership in helping Thrain overcome his alcohol addiction, whilst simultaneously discovering that their admiration and respect of each other can swiftly grow to love and adoration that brings two duos into one healthy triad that was so wonderful to read.

“And it was all so good, so easy to keep smiling as she curled up between them, as their big hands again settled wide and safe against her belly.”

The other part that won me over was Finley Fenn’s inclusion of the first (on page for her) transgender Orc.  I so loved this side-storyline and how Kitty’s acceptance and nurturing of fashion truly helped this Orc blossom into their true self. I could truly wax poetic on why I adore each and every new addition to the Orc Sworn series for ages but instead I’ll leave you here with some final thoughts.

The Beauty and the Orcs is not only ridiculously addictive, it’s fun, inclusive, and delivers on every bit of spiciness that I’ve come to love from monster romances. Let me be explicit here: I mean it when I said Orcs have a healthy sexual appetite. So the sex is plentiful as are the fluids. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Equal parts fantasy and historical romance with monster flair, The Beauty and the Orcs will have you swooning with it’s HEA and cameos from other books. If you love monster romance, then I guarantee you will love the Orc Sworn series! Happy Release Day, Finley Fenn!