• The Orchid Throne (Forgotten Empires Book 1) by Jeffe Kennedy
The Orchid Throne Book Cover The Orchid Throne
Forgotten Empires
Jeffe Kennedy
New Adult, fantasy, romance, paranormal
St. Martin's Paperbacks
September 24, 2019
Mass Market Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook, Audio CD

In the Forgotten Empires magic is forbidden, dreams are destiny, and love is the greatest power of all…

As Queen of the island kingdom of Calanthe, Lia will do anything to keep her people free―and her secrets safe―from the mad tyrant who rules the mainland. Guided by a magic ring of her father’s, Lia plays the political game with the cronies the emperor sends to her island. In her heart, she knows that it’s up to her to save herself from her fate as the emperor’s bride. But in her dreams, she sees a man, one with the power to build a better world―a man whose spirit is as strong, and whose passion is as fierce as her own…

Conrí, former Crown Prince of Oriel, has built an army to overthrow the emperor. But he needs the fabled Abiding Ring to succeed. The ring that Lia holds so dear to her heart. When the two banished rulers meet face to face, neither can deny the flames of rebellion that flicker in their eyes―nor the fires of desire that draw them together. But in this broken world of shattered kingdoms, can they ever really trust each other? Can their fiery alliance defeat the shadows of evil that threaten to engulf their hearts and souls?

An Unforgettable Fantasy that is Fabulously Done…

Jeffe Kennedy kicks off her Forgotten Empires Series with a stunning introduction to a fantasy realm home to the decadent and beautiful tropical island kingdom of Calanthe.  To outsiders and, most importantly, the vicious and deceitful emperor who has laid waste to every kingdom and eliminated every ruler but Calanthe’s, Lia, the young virgin Queen, is a beautiful bauble that is not keen or calculating enough to pose a threat to the emperor.  Her finely scripted court that overseas a lush and erotic culture hides the true intelligence and intent of its shrewd leader.  On the other hand, there can be no doubt as to the strength, cleverness, and revenge-driven hate in Con, lone surviving prince of the ruling family of Oriel and leader of the growing rebellion.  As prophecy would have it, their destinies and goals are intertwined.

The Orchid Thone is everything you can ask for in a New Adult fantasy romance.  Jeffe does a wonderful job of visually painting this foreign world and the unfolding plot.  She also expertly reveals the depth of her characters in perfectly timed shedding of their various layers.  Both Lia and Con are intriguing and stunning and surprising with each new revelation.  The story progresses quickly because it becomes one of those books that you hate to put down.  The Orchid Throne is more appropriate for an older audience because of the violent and erotic scenes, that absolutely fit with the story-line.  If you are like me you would rather not read a series until it is complete, but Jeffe provides enough resolution to temporarily satisfy her readers till her next release.

As you can guess, I immensely enjoyed The Orchid Throne and found it easy to give it